Another Life Lost from Cyberbullying

Feb 09, 2010

Tags: ; writes, in January a 15 year-old girl by the name of Phoebe Prince hanged herself.  Officials later connected her death to the tormenting and cyberbullying that preceded it. 

“The ninth-grader, who'd recently arrived from Ireland, got caught in a torrent of mean-girl taunting. In school, girls who didn't like the way she was talking to their boyfriends called her a slut. Someone scribbled Prince out of a student-body photo hanging in a classroom, one student said. Outside school, her tormenters ganged up on her on Facebook, making the bullying incessant.

Could this have been prevented? Who should be held responsible for her unnecessary death?  How can you prevent this from happening to your children?  

Cyberbullying isn't a new thing, it's a new forum for an age-old activity. Parental involvement is the best thing, and Net Nanny is a key tool in a parent's tool belt.

“The best thing parents can do, Englander says, is simply to start a conversation with their children. Ask teens and 'tweens where they go and what they do online. Ask if they've seen hurtful postings or texts.

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