Android Is Better For Kids

Dec 26, 2012

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As a father, I have the opportunity to observe how quickly kids adapt to technology.   It takes only a couple of minutes, depending on their age, for them to determine how to power up the device, navigate to an app, and learn how to use it.  With kids so technology-minded, how can parents keep them safe?   The answer can be found in parental controls.

Apple products such as the iPad come with built-in parental controls.  In the settings section, under restrictions, parents can determine what features users on the device can access or utilize.  Some options are to allow Internet browsing, the ability to install and delete apps, in-app purchasing, and the viewing of movies.   Apple is off to a good start, but more customization can be found in Android devices.

According to Gavin Kim, chief product officer for NQ Mobile,  "Android ... provides greater flexibility for developers to build applications that provide safety and protection for children."

Because of the open-source environment that Android is built on, developers (third-party) have the freedom to create custom parental control apps.   The apps have features such as the option to hide or disable other apps, Internet browser controls, time management, and many more.  The custom apps give parents the ability to keep their children safe regardless of their technical skills.

Technology is here to stay, and children are embracing it across all ages.  Parents, make sure you provide them with a safe experience.

I work for Net Nanny. The opinions expressed here are my own.