America Needs a Lifestyle Intervention

Mar 06, 2012

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When the U.S. needs a lifestyle intervention conference, you know things have gone wrong.

The goal of the "2nd Annual Lifestyle Intervention Conference" in Las Vegas is to conduct an intervention on America's seemingly insatiable appetite for more. Whether it's food, sex, pornography, gambling or smoking, the event organizers say, America is in need of an intervention.

For example, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey, kids ages 8 to 18 are spending a little more than 7 1/2 hours per day using "digital" entertainment. That's one sign of overindulgence.

Event organizers claim to have assembled the best team of experts in the world to lead the charge against America's obsession with overconsumption.

Online registration opened and "the response is staggering." Americans are responding to this outreach for help, say event organizers. This means that millions of people have addictions and are aware of it.


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