A Terrorist's New Use for Pornography

May 04, 2012

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I read a CNN article on May 1st that revealed a new use for pornography; this new "use" was devised by an al Qaida informant.

Maqsood Lodin, a resident of Austria, travelled from Pakistan to Austria last year and made several suspicious stops in Budapest and Germany. Due to these stops, police detained him for questioning. Authorities discovered a memory card lodged in Mr. Lodin’s undergarments.

Initial analysis of the card showed that it contained pornographic videos. However, after further analysis, authorities discovered something of significant interest—there were approximately 100 documents encoded in the videos. The documents included insight into some of the terror group's plots and a roadmap for future operations.

Future plots included seizing cruise ships and carrying out attacks in Europe. Also included were terrorist training manuals in PDF format in German, English and Arabic.

It seems that even terrorists make use of pornography, hoping it's so acceptable it won't raise suspicion. It almost worked.

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