6-Year Old Uses Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint to Go on a Shopping Spree

Dec 31, 2016

Most parents would think that only skilled hackers would steal their identity and rack up charges on their credit card. But recently, a 6 year old from Little Rock Arkansas proved that this isn’t true. When her mother, Bethany Howell was sleeping on the couch, her daughter, Ashlynd, used her mother’s thumbprint to unlock her phone and open the Amazon app. Ashlyn then purchased $250.00 worth of Pokemon toys unbeknownst to her mother.

The next day, Howell noticed the charges on her credit card and found the culprit to be in her own living room. The proud 6 year old, who had been watching episodes of Spy Kids, quickly confessed that she had in fact purchased the toys while her mother was sleeping.

This is a perfect example of how kids are outsmarting their parents in the digital age. To parents, it seems as if kids come out of the womb understanding how to navigate any device put into their hands.

In addition, kids are learning at a very young age how to purchase apps without their parent’s permission. This is causing parents a lot of frustration and costing them more money than they realize. Fortunately, Amazon is willing to reimburse customers for in app buys from kids, however, kids of all ages are finding themselves in challenging situations due to the decisions they are making online. Kids today are given a lot of independence online but they don’t yet have the maturity or awareness of the implications that can result from what they do online.