6 Nifty Tech Hacks that Every Parent Should Know

Jul 01, 2017

I’ve been a professional organizer for over 20 years. While the work is still the same, it seems to have a new name. It is called life hacks. Per Wikipedia, a hacker is any highly-skilled computer expert capable of breaking into computer systems and/or networks. A life hacker, such as myself, is an expert in cutting through the clutter so life can become more efficient, satisfying or user-friendly (i.e. using an empty egg carton to store earrings and necklaces or even holiday tree ornaments). Like hacks are usually comprised of simple items or simple actions taken from your everyday life.

Today, I would like to share 6 nifty tech hacks for you to deal with (or prevent) life’s little tech upsets. Ready?

Exercise Your Right to Override the Alarm

Without mentioning any names (ahem), you may know someone in your own home (possibly between the ages of 10 – 18) who has an uncanny ability to ignore their own mobile alarms. I suppose your spouse could be guilty of this too! If you can no longer tolerate the on-going pulse of that unrelenting evening alarm to take out the trash and the owner (who shall remain nameless) is refusing to get up and turn it off, you now have the ability to manage the pain without having to get up either. Did you know that you can call their phone to turn it off for them? Yes indeed. Put in the number, take a deep breath, and enjoy your new-found peace.

Stash Your Cash

Have you ever gone on a simple walk wanting only to take your mobile phone without having to drag a bulky wallet? Then, as you are walking at the beach or in the park, you have the opportunity to buy a small ice cream cone or latte and the thought pops up, “Geez, I wish I had a little cash with me – I knew I should have brought my wallet!” Problem solved – stash some hidden cash in between the thin space of your phone and its phone case. Two secret tips though, okay? Be sure to replenish the cash and don’t tell the kids you have it there!

Overcome Your 6th Grade Math Phobia

If you have a child in the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade and they need your advice for homework – the automatic response may be bugged out eyes and quivering knees. While the math problems seem to get harder the older we get; do not worry if you (or your child) are stumped by a math problem. Try using the PhotoMath app. By simply using your phone, you can scan the math problem and the app will solve it for you. Not only does it give you the answer, but the app provides steps for you to teach your child too. Knees stop knocking and eyes come back to regular size. Whew!

Eliminate the Horror of a Blank Screen

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, when our phone suddenly goes blank, we could react calmly? It’s no longer necessary to feel your back stiffen with your stomach dropping to the floor while aimlessly begin pushing buttons to reactivate your phone. Yep, you can relax. The quickest way to unfreeze your frozen phone is to plug it into its charger. Voila!

Enhance Your Acoustical Experience

Whether listening intently to a popular podcast or typing to your favorite tunes, most smartphone speakers seem a bit faint and hard to hear sound. If you are looking to upgrade your acoustical output quickly, grab a clean cup or bowl, place the phone in the cup or bowl (speakers should be facing downward) and you will delight in your new audio hack. Total cost? Nothing.

Bask in a “Time Out” for Parents

Errands galore, carpools all week, committee meetings, calls, meals, phone calls, bedtimes, luggage, RSVP’s, emails, trash day, laundry, paying bills, meeting the plumber, recycling the bottles and cans, shredding important documents and the shredder gets stuck – again - arghhhh! Ever feel the stress building? You can stop the progression of madness in the moment with Do Nothing for 2 Minutes. Accessible on your mobile, this website commands you to “relax and listen to the waves.” That’s right, as a grown up, you awarded a two-minute timeout where you are required to do nothing except stay calm, and listen to the waves for 120 seconds.