5 Crazy, but Awesome Things Teenagers Do

Jun 21, 2017

My son will be 15 in one week. We have officially entered the dog days of teenage years. Having a teenage child is the most challenging time in a mom’s life, but it can also be among the most adventurous, mind-stretching and personality altering times of our lives too. Here are 5 crazy ways my teenager drives me crazy but also proves his awesomeness.

Teenagers Never Stop Trying
It seems early on teenagers learn that persistence is key. My son will lie about being on the video game at 10 p.m., get caught, serve a week-long punishment and, without fail, will attempt to play the video game yet again at 10 p.m. the same day he gets off punishment. Ahhh, the joys of parenting. In the same token, last summer he had to go fishing three times before he caught a single fish. I guess third time’s the charm. Hey, teenagers have to learn tenacity somewhere.

Teenagers Intensely Focus on Their Talents
Have you ever interrupted your teen while they were making a Musical.ly video? My 13-year-old nephew makes Musical.ly videos like he went to school at Walt Disney’s film academy. His camera angles, perfectly synced lip singing and professionally choreographed dance moves with his 6-year-old sister are the stuff of Hollywood music videos. The selfishness of teenager years goes a long way when it comes to focusing on their interest.

Teenagers Have a Keen Eye for Fashion
Don’t you dare go near my two teenage nieces wearing mom jeans or sporting a mom hairdo! By the time you leave their house you will appear to have gone through an episode of Extreme Makeover. Want to know what’s on trend? Then look no further than the 14-year-old who lives in your house or around the corner.

Teenagers are Great at Keeping Secrets
Unless you’re talking about them, you can rest assured they don’t notice what you’re talking about. Other than that, you can trust a teenager to keep your deepest, darkest secret. Mostly because they simply don’t care. There is so much going on in their mixed-up heads (from peer pressure to what shoes they’ll wear to the movies and what their friends think about their profile pic on Instagram), that they’ll literally forget your secret right after you’re done telling them.

Teenagers Are Still Kids at Heart
It seems most of the time my son has short-term memory loss. He constantly forgets to clean his room, walk the dog, put deodorant on, etc. But, that lack of remembrance goes a long way when it comes to having fun. Whenever my son is with his ‘bros’ they forget they’re fifteen and act like they all just turned eight. They laugh like it’s the end of the world, wrestle and will even engage his younger siblings in a game of hide and seek. As much as they’d like us to forget, even at the age of eighteen, teenagers are still just kids. So, it’s best we enjoy it with them while it last.