5 CES Tech Toys Parents Will Be Talking About

Jan 09, 2017

The CES (Consumer Electronic Show) conference, just wrapped up this weekend in Las Vegas. This show is a huge display of all the technology trends to come over the next year. Some of the larger categories of tech covered included Cars, TVs, Augmented reality, and virtual assistants.

But what does this mean for your kids and their toys?

Here are six of the latest and greatest tech toys that your kids are going to love.

Aristotle by Mattel


This is Mattel’s new virtual assistant for kids and families. Aristotle is developed by Microsoft, and uses new Artificial Intelligence technology, similar to many other virtual assistants that have recently come out. One advantage to Aristotle’s technology is that it is able to grow with your child in stages from Aristotle Baby all the way to Aristotle Tween. Starting as a high-tech baby monitor in Aristotle baby it tracks your child’s developments.

In the next stage, Aristotle Toddler it helps teach your child important skills with audio and visual learning. Then, Aristotle Kid is there to help your children with homework, and can let them listen to music, and even features 2 player games to keep them entertained.

With the last stage, Aristotle Tween, your children can learn new languages and continue with even more entertainment. This new handy helper is sure to assist in all of your growing families needs at every stage in the game.

The Smart Cycle by Fisher Price


This new toy from Fisher price uses the new fitness fad of spin classes and indoor cycling, and has adapted it for a kid sized learning audience. With this new product, kids sit on the bike and begin to pedal.

Using Bluetooth connectivity, the speed of the pedals gets synced to any 4 of the bikes learning apps that focus on areas like STEM, literacy, math, and social studies. Parents are then able to track their child’s progress with these learning apps.

Lego Boost


Lego’s new technology based product aims to let children learn how to program and code in a more hands on and familiar way. These familiar Lego blocks and motors are programmable and also have the ability to work your child’s existing sets of Lego blocks. These new Lego creations can go anywhere with the new motorized capabilities, and even feature recorded voice effects. Kids will need access to the Android or Apple iOS app to use the programming.

Honda Dream Drive Virtual Reality


This new virtual reality experience partners Honda Motors with DreamWorks to making an exciting new game for kids.

Using a VR headset that gets synced to the movement of a real car in real-time, kids get to see and explore new places while parents drive to where they need to be. This revolutionizes the car entertainment game. From DVD players built in, to now VR and AR, this could help parent keep kids happy and learning while in the backseat.

The SpinTales Rug and SpinTales Enchanted Duvet


New from TILT, this product uses a familiar item like a rug/duvet, with new augmented reality technology to create an new and fun learning environment for kids.

Using mobile devices and their cameras, kids get to see the characters printed on the rug come to life on screen as they interact with the environment by jumping and dancing.

The duvet features familiar characters like little red riding hood and the 3 little pigs, but this new technology is sure to bring story time into the 21st century for your kids.