3 Apps for Elementary School Children

Jan 24, 2014

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Technology is a major part of daily life and almost every family has multiple devices. Because younger kids have access too, it’s nice to find a few apps that are helpful and productive. We recently discovered three apps of potential interest to parents with kids in elementary school. They are available for iPhone and Android. 

Bank of Mom - $1.99

An app designed to teach kids about managing money and credit. A separate account is set up for each child designating a certain amount of money. This amount can be an allowance or money they have earned through chores.

A child can request a withdrawal through their bank (through parental control). If money is not an option, the app also allows for children to bank time. For example, the amount of time spent on doing chores can be used to “pay” for time spent with friends, movies, etc.

Not only do parents keep track of spending, but transactions and notes on the account can be sent via email to the child’s email, teaching them responsibility and self-sufficiency.

iHomeopathy - $3.99

Keep kids naturally healthy. Instead of sifting through Google’s results for remedies, this app provides a large variety of solutions for injuries or illnesses.  Some features of this app include:

  • A “Find Symptoms” button which allows users to search through an alphabetized list of multiple symptoms.
  • A list of remedies presented in an order of “most used”, “regularly used”, and “least used.” 
  • “Find Remedy” button with a detailed description of each remedy.
  • A picture of the body with selected points and specified symptoms/illnesses pertaining to that body point.

This app is easy to use and helps parents prepare and care for the worst with natural cures.


This app provides a way for parents to save all of their child’s artwork and save storage space. Essentially, Artkive digitizes each piece of artwork and displays a gallery of all the work that has been stored in it.

Once the app has been downloaded, simply add your child’s name, grade and school (parents can create different accounts for each child). To add or store photos, either take a picture of the artwork through the app or add one from your phone’s photo gallery.

Families and friends can easily share artwork through the app’s “share circles.” Simply add emails of others to whom you want to send the art. 

If you are aware of other good apps for families with kids, please let us know. Send an email to marketing@contentwatch.com.