Archived Press Release from June 09, 2020

Like an accountability partner, it keeps account passwords confidentially managed for adults that use Net Nanny to protect themselves

SALT LAKE CITY, JULY 31, 2013Net Nanny®, world leader in parental controls software solutions, today announced the availability of a new service: Password Account Manager. This service assists customers, typically adults that need a porn blocker, who prefer to have an accountability partner confidentially manage their Net Nanny account password and settings. Available now, this service is a direct result of adult customer requests to ensure their online safety.

Net Nanny customers create a password during the software installation process. If a user knows that password, the software can be bypassed. Typically, parents install Net Nanny to protect kids and parents hold the password. However, many adults seek help to stay away from pornography. Password Account Manager is a service to keep passwords out of customer reach will provide assistance in managing the account and product settings. A Net Nanny customer service rep fills the role of accountability partner.

Net Nanny provides award-winning parental controls solutions that protect kids and adults from inappropriate online material and mobile apps.

“There are many adults that want to protect themselves from pornography and other content on the Internet and we hear from them weekly,” said Russ Warner, CEO. “The Password Account Manager service is akin to an accountability partner that helps an adult using Net Nanny to stay away from inappropriate web content. Our customer service team maintains the account and product settings so the adult customer can’t circumvent the software. This takes the worry out of self-policing.”

Net Nanny Password Account Manager service provides the following:

  • Customers enrolled get account passwords automatically changed daily.
  • Customers may contact a Net Nanny Customer Service Rep to get help changing product settings or configuration.
  • Customer Service Reps are available by phone or email, Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT
  • All Net Nanny products for Windows and Android are eligible for the service.
  • Password Account Manager is sold per account (not per user.)

Pricing for the Net Nanny Password Account Manager service is as follows:

  • Unlimited Email Access: $29.99 per year
  • Unlimited Email+Phone Access: $49.99 per year

Net Nanny is the world leader in Internet parental control software solutions. Net Nanny’s mission is to protect kids and families on computers and mobile devices.