Jun 30, 2017

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The Xbox One is a platform with numerous functions: gaming, apps, music, video, internet browsing, and more. The potential risks are not limited to graphic or explicit content within games but exist in a far wider array of media content accessible on this generation of console. Microsoft prepared for this by providing parents a variety of controls to help protect children within these different media facets available when using the Xbox One.

The process is slightly complicated, but it allows for higher levels of customization for different users of the Xbox. This guide will help you to protect your children on their Xbox One.

Setting Controls for XBOX

Any Xbox account registered as an adult over 18, will have the authority to change the parental control settings for any accounts registered as children in the Microsoft family. Once a child turns 18, all controls on the account will be removed.

If your child does not already have an Xbox account:

  1. First, create a Microsoft account for your child.
  2. Press the center Xbox button and navigate to the “All Settings” screen. Select “Account” then “Family.
  3. Select “Add to Family.
  4. Sign in with your child’s Microsoft Account.
  5. Since you are signing up an underage account, you are prompted to verify you are an adult. Select “I’m an Adult,” then your parent account, and enter your parent account password.
  6. Next, you will personalize security settings for your child’s account. After these personalization steps, select “Add to Family” to add the child’s account to your Microsoft family. Your child now has an account on the Xbox in you Microsoft family and you can access parental controls.

When the child has an account on the Xbox:

  1. Select your child’s account from “Family” screen in the settings.
  2. From here, you can customize three categories of control: >Access to Content (such as purchases and apps), Privacy and Online Safety, and Web Filtering. Each has various degrees of restriction.
  3. Parental control options can be changed later as kids grow older and more responsible.

With a new hyper-connected generation, come console games with a new dimension of privacy and content risks. The customizable parental controls on the Xbox One give parents a wide range of measures to protect web surfing, gameplay, and privacy at varying degrees. These settings can be adjusted to serve the particular protection needs of each individual player with an account on the Xbox.

Boundaries and limits are important for safe internet usage. Many technology products offer a set of parental controls but can fall short in protecting kids on the internet, so it is advisable to have software dedicated to online content control, like Net Nanny's parental control software.

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