Nov 27, 2018

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You’ve done your research and you’ve purchased a tablet with built-in parental control software, but do you know how to setup the parental controls on Kindle Fire? Let’s start with some basics, and then we’ll guide you through setting controls on your child’s Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD tablet.

While most mobile devices are equipped with their own parental control software, each vary in their offerings, and it’s important to realize that they are merely your first line of defense. Mobile device companies are not experts in creating parental control software, which is why having targeted software can help keep your family’s devices safe and secure. Net Nanny can help by providing parental control software that enables you to see exactly where your child is going online, alerting you to questionable subject areas, filtering what they’re viewing, and even blocking websites with inappropriate content.

Set A Password

Make sure your kindle is set up with a password. A little basic, we know, but setting a password is the first step toward protecting your child on their Kindle Fire, as well as protecting the device, should it be lost or stolen. The initial device setup will direct you to set a pin or passcode, so choose something that's easy to remember.

If you've not elected to set a password for your Kindle Fire, you'll be prompted to do so, once you attempt to set parental controls. The Kindle Fire requires a password when you create a child profile (which you'll need to do to utilize the parental control software).

Set Up Child Account

To set up your child's account, swipe down from the top of the screen; you'll see a Settings menu. At the bottom of the Settings menu, under the Personal subhead, you'll see an option for Profiles & Family Library; select that option.

kindle settings menu

Under Profiles & Family Library, select Add a Child Profile. You will then be prompted to add your child's information to create the profile (we've created a profile called Personal Info to demonstrate). For added security, use a nickname for your child; you can use the auto avatar or pick your child's favorite character (do not use their photo).

kindle child profile prompt

Once you've created your child's profile, you can begin to set the parental controls on the Kindle Fire.

Child Settings

The Kindle Fire offers several parental control settings under your child's profile: Daily Goals & Time Limits, Add Content, Remove Content and Smart Filters.

kindle set parental controls

Set Daily Goals and Time Limits

To set daily goals and time limits on your Kindle Fire, check that limits are set to ON in top right corner of your screen. You will then see two options for setting times and limits: Weekdays and Weekends.

Select Weekdays to begin creating Kindle Fire use settings.


The Bedtime setting allows you to set the time that tablet access turns off at night and when the device can be accessed again in the morning. If your child attempts to log into their Kindle Fire outside of these times, they'll be unable to do so.

Educational Goals

The Kindle Fire separates content into three categories: Books, Videos, and Apps. Kindle Fire parental control settings allow you to create a daily reading goal that must be met before your child is able to access videos or apps. If you wish to utilize this option, select the box to the left of Learn First; this will keep entertainment apps locked until the reading, or Books, time limit is met.

kindle goals time limits

You can set time limits for each content area by selecting the dropdown menu to the right of the content category. From there, you will select the allotted daily time for each category; once those time limits are reached, your child will be unable to access content on their Kindle Fire, unless you override (remove) the parental controls.

Total Screen Time

To set a daily screen time limit, select the circle to the left of Total Screen Time. From there, use the slider bar beneath to raise or lower the time increments. Again, once that time limit is reached, the Kindle Fire will shut down.

Time By Activity

Kindle Fire offers the option to be more specific in setting parental controls by activity. If you prefer not to set limits on your child's reading, but wish to curtail time spent watching videos or playing apps, head down to the Time By Activity menu and select the circle to the left. You can set the time spent Reading Books to "unlimited" and then select your preferred time limits for Watching Videos and Using Apps.

Smart Filters

Amazon Unlimited subscribers can set Smart Filters on their Kindle Fire, filtering the content your child is able to access by his age (or the age you deem appropriate for your child). To enable Smart Filters, select the slider to the right of the screen and then slide the bar to the age range of your choosing.

kindle enable disable smart filters

Add or Remove Content

Kindle Fire parental control settings allow you to handpick what content your child has access to on the device; this is especially helpful if this is a shared device.

kindle approved content

Separated by category, you can hand pick the content on the device you allow your child to access: Kid Friendly, Books, Videos, Games & Apps, Web.

kindle select approved books

Select the category you wish to select content for, and then press the thumbnail of each item you wish your child to have access to; this will create a checkmark, showing that the content is approved. To remove access to content, simply remove the checkmark by tapping the thumbnail.

kindle enable disable web browser

You may disable the Internet browser under the Web menu; simply slide the bar to turn Off or On. When you’re finished making your selections, click on Done in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Now pat yourself on the back, you've successfully set the parental control software on Kindle Fire, making the tablet a safer and more secure device for your child's use!

Keep in mind that Net Nanny offers software with dynamic content filtering, allowing you to further filter the videos and apps your child consumes. With the additional support that Net Nanny provides, you can rest easy knowing that the content your child is consuming is being filtered in real time, protecting them from unnecessary exposure to inappropriate content.

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