Are You A Selfie Addict? Take the Quiz!

Nov 06, 2018

We’re all guilty of it at some point.

The duck lips.
The raised brow and look away.
The thinking pose.
The intense stare into your soul pose.
The carefree laugh pose.
The impromptu smile or action shot.

The. Selfie. List. Goes. On.

And let’s not even get into the locations that we may randomly stop to capture the perfect angle and lighting.

While many of us are united in the selfie life, there are a few factors that differentiate some from others. (This is a judgment free zone btw!) These factors identify the more extreme side of selfie taking: the selfie addict.

No, seriously, it’s a thing.

You may have already realized this because you’ve seen the signs in your teen or tween, some of which Marie Claire says includes:

  • You’ve now identified the ‘perfect time’ to post selfies. For example: “If you post between 12pm and 2pm, you’re most likely to get more likes cause that’s when the average person goes on lunch.”
  • Every social or life event becomes an opportunity for you to take guilty-free selfies. Your friend’s birthday party? Turn up selfie. Pool party? Bikini selfie. Bad break up? ‘Look What You’re Missing’ selfie.
  • Your Instagram page is slowly beginning to look like a fan page – for your face.

So how do you know if you, or your child, is a selfie addict? Take this quiz by Ms. Career Girl and find out!
Answer Yes or No

  1. Do you often spend more time taking selfies than you mean to?
  2. Would you find it very difficult to make it through a day without taking a selfie?
  3. Do you spend a lot of time thinking about selfies or planning how you will take selfies?
  4. Do you feel an urge to take selfies more and more?
  5. Are you taking and posting selfies in order to forget about or avoid doing other things?
  6. Have you tried to cut down on the amount of selfies you take without success?
  7. When you post a new selfie, are you very disappointed if no one comments on it?
  8. Do you take selfies so much that it has had a negative impact on your relationships, job or studies?
  9. Do you imagine everything you do as a selfie?
  10. Does posting selfies make you feel more important?

If you answer yes to 2-4: You’re close to the edge. It’s time to become a bit more conscious about when you take selfies and why you’re taking them. Over the next week, play close attention to this and find an accountability buddy to help you curb your selfie enthusiasm.

If you answered yes to over 4: This is bigger than a display of self-love and appreciation. There’s likely a deeper issue here. According to, “you are using short-term gratification at the expense of more important goals.” It’s time to come back to reality and away from the virtual simulation that requires a constant fix of approval and praise. A picture will never capture who you are, nor how great you are. Remember: the best things in life can only be experienced in person.

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