Oct 09, 2016

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In a world full of technology, it can be hard to determine what is just average online interaction for your child and what crosses the line into cyberbullying. As a parent, when your child is being cyberbullied, both you and your child can begin to feel alone in a large world of nameless opinions and cruel comments. In today’s day and age, with more adolescents and teens having access to multiple mobile devices like Androids, iPhones, and iPads, statistics show that over half of these children have been bullied online (and about the same number have engaged in cyber bullying themselves.) But your family is not alone when it comes to cyber bullying, because even today’s most famous celebrities are not immune to the horrible comments that come from anonymous attackers online. Here are 9 celebrities who had to deal with online bullying:

  1. Adele
    The famous UK Singer found out the hard way that even family isn’t off limits to cyberbullies. After the birth of her son last year, Adele and her husband experienced some major hate from users on Twitter. Many of these messages were extremely offensive and cruel, with multiple users targeting jokes about the singer’s weight. Many fans rallied to her defense, trying to make this time a happy one for the new mom and her family. Drawing strength from the fans support, the UK singer is doing her best to move forward with her career and her newfound motherhood.

  2. Emma Watson
    The actress, famous for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, was rumored to have some bullies of her own. After transitioning to professional life by starting college at Brown University, her classmates began tormenting her about her famous role in the franchise. She has now moved to Columbia University in New York City, and is finding success among new classmates.

  3. Taylor Swift
    At the center of many a controversy in the celebrity world, the young singer songwriter has been a victim of cyberbullying since the start of career while she was still in high school. In an interview, the singer told Ellen DeGeneres that “school was tough, and often she was alone.” But Taylor has learned a healthy way to cope with all the haters, even to this day. Swift has become great at channeling her feelings into something creative – her music! This is a great form of therapy for her as she is able to write everything out and forget about her problems while she is singing and composing music.

  4. Tom Daley
    The British swimmer experienced Internet hate minutes after finishing his Olympic routine in 2012. Twitter users targeted him with tweets mocking his recently deceased father, after what they thought was a disappointing performance. Tom was also targeted due to his position in the gay and LGBTQ community. Many Anti-Bullying charities and organizations came to the diving star’s defense, and legal action was even taken against Twitter users as some were arrested after threatening tweets were issued.

  5. Lorde
    The New Zeland singer’s sudden rise to fame in recent years has made her the subject for many haters cruel comments. Both Lorde and her boyfriend, James Lowe, were sent racist tweets by users regarding the two’s relationship. Lorde remained strong and tried not to stoop down to the bullie’s level, but did admit in an interview with Rolling Stone that she was greatly affected by what was said to her.

  6. Leann Rimes
    The country singer experienced her fair share of personal attacks from cyberbullies. She even dealt with her private phone conversations being secretly taped and distributed on the web maliciously. Rimes did what she thought was best for her, and voluntarily checked herself into rehab after experiencing extreme anxiety from all the hate that was turning her life upside down. She is slowly on the road to a healthy recovery.

  7. Selena Gomez
    Quite recently, the singer and actress has found herself the victim of internet bullies after pictures surfaced with Gomez gaining a few pounds. She admitted in an interview that all the hate did “kind of hurt her feelings.” But in the end she found a healthy way to move forward, by channeling her feelings into her new music.

  8. Lesile Jones
    This actress was at the center of quite the online controversy after being a member of the all-female cast of the new “Ghost Busters” remake. Twitter users un-happy with the casting choices of the film took to attacking Leslie on her personal twitter with tweets about her race and her dead brother. Users took it too far when they began to mock her skin color by sharing photos of apes. It all became too much, and Leslie removed herself from social media for a brief period of time in order to escape from the bullies. Other celebrities even came out to support the actress by spreading the hashtag #LoveForLeslieJ. After taking some needed time off of social media, Leslie was soon back in action, showing she wasn’t going to back down from the bullies and she wasn’t afraid.

  9. Zendaya Coleman
    The young seventeen-year-old actress has experienced great success in both her acting and music career. But unfortunately, she has recently experienced a great deal of backlash from online cyberbullies after being cast to portray Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime movie. Haters were concerned she couldn’t play this role to its full extent due to her small acting career, and others picked on her bi-racial background. Coleman gracefully held her head high and did her best to ignore the backlash at all costs.

Hopefully after hearing how even these celebrities had to deal with their own cyber bullies, you can help better support members of your family if they have been cyberbullied. From removing yourself from the situation, seeking professional help, or not backing down to the hate, these are great personal solutions on how to deal with cyberbullies. Net Nanny Social is also there for your family and offers great tools and solutions to help alert parents when cyberbullying is detected. Parental control software allows parents to keep their family safe by letting the good stuff in and keeping the bad stuff out.

Emily Hartung

Emily Hartung is a successful college student at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania studying Communication Design. She has always been fascinated by the world of Advertising and Social Media, and hopes to offer a unique take on today's changing tech world from the younger generation's perspective.