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These videos and topics can be disturbing to watch and discuss. But they represent real life situations that can play out in seconds when children have access to unprotected devices.


Did you know a teen could learn how to kill themselves through simple Google searches and by visiting popular question and answer sites?  Watch this video.

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Even with restricted mode set on YouTube, your child can still be served and introduced to videos that show extremely violent, real-life footage. Watch just how fast it can happen. 

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Your child can learn about addictive drugs and how to use them, complete with detailed instructions on the use of specific paraphernalia, by conducting simple searches on YouTube. 

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You can't look over their shoulder 24/7, but you should know how a few simple, seemingly innocuous searches can lead to age-inappropriate content at a moment's notice. 

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Inappropriate Content

Sites that rely on user-generated content are problematic for a few reasons; they're often permissive, anything-goes environments and even innocent queries can quickly go down the rabbit hole to inapproriate content. It's important for parents to understand that the risks aren't always obvious - but you can do something about it. The first step is arming yourself with knowledge.

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Understanding the Situation

At Net Nanny, we believe that parents can educate themselves and one another to understand how children are spending their time online, with whom, and what they’re doing.

These videos were created to educate parents about the danger present to young people today by simply showing children browsing or conducting searches on well-known sites and apps - and discovering too quickly and easily - content that their parents would be shocked to know is so easily accessible.


Kids are coming into contact with devices and technologies much earlier in life. They embrace new technologies and apps fluidly, without missing a beat. Many parents struggle to understand and navigate their children's technology use.

This concern, along with the risks, challenges and opportunities associated with raising healthy kids in a digital world, is real.

Parents know technology is here to stay, and that in many ways, it’s a good thing. Technology and the online world have opened the doors to great opportunities to children – learning about all kinds of topics, but it can also bring information that is dangerous and age-inappropriate to their screens, sometimes with just a few clicks.