Why Parental Control Software is Essential

Don't Risk Exposure to Inappropriate Content

If you don't have parental control software on your devices, you may be putting your child as risk.

  • 82% of children are exposed to inappropriate content before age 11
  • 43% of teens were victims of cyberbullying in the past year
  • Over 50% off kids, between the age of 10-17, have posted risky comments or photos online
  • 8 out of 10 teens had friends who tempted them to share inappropriate content of pictures on social media
  • 82% of online sex crimes originated from social networking sites that predators use to gain insight into their victim's habits and likes.

Positive Effects of Parental Monitoring Controls

According to a recent study conducted by the American Association of Pediatrics, parental monitoring of media has many positive effects:

Less screen time
Increasing sleep
Improved school performance
Enhanced prosocial behavior
Lower aggressive behavior

Net Nanny® is the Solution

Net Nanny's award-winning technology filters, monitors, and blocks unsafe materials while allowing kids access to the Internet. And unlike other parental controls that simply block a list of web sites, Net Nanny's dynamic filter scans and analyzes each web site to determine if it is appropriate for your child, based on your unique customization. It can even mask profanity but let the site pass, ensuring kids are protected while they navigate the Internet.

How Net Nanny Created the Parental Control Software Category

The original version of Net Nanny was released in 1995 creating the very first parent controlled Internet filter. It was developed and created after Gordon Ross viewed a sting operation on a pedophile soliciting a child in a chat room. Ross saw a need that society would require an internet protecting service in the new digital age. Designed so parent's could take control of what information was received and sent from digital devices. Deliberately created to keep families and individuals relatively safe when surfing the Internet, but at same time allowing parents the ability to customize settings so children can still be exposed to the tremendous educational and entertainment opportunities available in this digital age. Net Nanny has been downloaded by over one million parents to keep their families safe online.