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Customer Testimonials

Stories from our users, used with permission. Some names have been changed.

Net Nanny Parental Controls Software

I just want to thank you for your great product. I am not the most tech/computer savvy parent and your service was very easy to acquire (download), set up, work with (ongoing) and gives me huge peace of mind with regard to what my young teenager (and younger child) is doing on the internet. It is such a relief to have this service and to have the control to manage what is able to viewed on our home computer by our children. Thank you... a thousand thank yous! I highly recommend Net Nanny all the time to any parent who will listen - especially to parents with older children who may be old enough to sometimes be at home alone but definitely not old enough to be roaming around on the internet unsupervised.

Anita N.
Pacifica, CA

Thank you so much for providing [Net Nanny] so I can see what my children are doing online. I can't tell you the peace of mind it brings to parents. I discovered my son was viewing websites that were so awful, I couldn't even imagine him seeing such filth. My heart was broken... and still is... however, now I have the tools to know when or if he is still trying to access this garbage. The Internet is such a wonderful place, but there's so many terrible things that are available to young minds.

Your service is vital, and so very much appreciated.

Sally and John

I give your product accolades to parents and also to adults experiencing difficulties with internet porno sites/addiction/compulsions. The best feature is the remote administration capability that allows anyone to monitor and adjust filters remotely. One of the deciding criteria was in fact the ability to override for specific URL, and the out-of-the-box detail that allows efficient but thorough set up. Customer service is also incredible, which is number 3 but on the deal-breaker critical list (with remote admin and detailed setup).

I really appreciate the array of reporting capabilities and automated notices to the administrator - this is what real control is about - the ability to summarize and see exactly where our loved ones are going or trying to go on the internet. This reporting capability makes interventions and/or meaningful discussion possible - no guesswork and games!

I think you have the best product I've seen...


My husband and I have been concerned about not having control over what pops up on the computer screen. We've been especially worried for our kids and hate having them exposed to all the garbage. Thank you for all three of your products. We use them all.

A concerned parent


The Net Nanny Sponsorship Program

This program has saved our family!

I cannot thank you enough for the sponsorship. We have engaged in counseling but this program has been a huge tool for accountability. I don't think we will ever go without it.

Grateful Wife, Austin, TX

Thank you so much for developing Net Nanny and for helping out families and individuals who suffer from this addiction. Net Nanny has been a salvation for us and it allows my husband relative freedom to surf the net with a "seat belt." Your service department is AMAZING. My questions were answered promptly and in an intelligible manner ( I'm no tech-wizard). I have recommended Net Nanny to several friends who are concerned about their children viewing inappropriate items.

I can't say enough about your team or your software. I hope you will continue to offer this program. I stumbled upon it when we were in a very dark place and to have instant support was truly a God-send.

You are good people helping others become better and stronger!


Grateful Wife
Mission Viejo, CA

I can't thank you enough for the Sponsor program that you supply for struggling pornography addicts. My then fiancé, now husband, had been struggling with his addiction for more than 10 years. He had tried for years to combat it with only 2 weeks of abstaining to show for his fervent effort. He seemed to find his way through any Internet block at hard-moments.

When we became engaged, we continued to work to overcome this together. We worked our way up to a month of abstaining at a time. What pushed us through to 10 months pornography-free was Net Nanny. It helped us to keep our eyes on the goal, and find our forever together.

We cannot thank you enough for the license for Net Nanny, and our renewed lives together. Thank you so much for everything.

Sarah N.

Net Nanny was a wonderful gift to our household.

My husband was addicted to Internet porn. That was one year ago.

He has been sober for one year thanks in part to Net Nanny. However, the porn use was just the tip of the ice berg, one sign of a deeper illness - sex addiction. He has been in therapy for one year and is making progress. We have renewed the Mac version of Net Nanny for his computer. Overall, it worked well. It served as a piece of the treatment for his recovery. We cannot thank you enough. I wish we could outlaw pornography completely, for many reasons. The human mind is so delicate and so easily damaged. We need to save future generations from this scourge.

Grateful Wife

We have used Net Nanny for over a year now, and have mostly found it very useful. One of my favorite features is that I can log in as an admin to any computer with Internet and make adjustments. So if I am not available to go over to the person's home, I can still change time usage or make an exception to something that is fine for them to use. I use the exceptions A LOT to both block and allow sites.

Overall, despite some challenges/annoying pop ups blocking acceptable material I find the good FAR outweighs the bad.

Alberta, Canada