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The Problem: Pornography

Pornography has become increasingly acceptable, accessible, and freely available, and it is one of the biggest threats to online safety. Today, anyone with unrestricted Internet access is just a mouse click away from viewing, either intentionally or accidentally, sexually explicit material online.

What Can You Do About It?

The best way to avoid becoming addicted to pornography is to avoid pornography, just as you would a disease or addictive substance. But how can you avoid accidental exposure, and how can you help control temptation or exposure once you or someone you love or care about is already addicted?

Here are some ideas:

  • Get help. Just like alcohol or drug addiction, pornography addiction chemically alters the brain. Addicts need help. Involve an ecclesiastical leader, get professional counseling, and treat it like the serious condition that it is.
  • Install Internet Filters on all Internet-enabled devices.
  • Periodically check online activity by viewing your Internet browser’s history or the reporting capability on your Internet Filter software.
  • Set time limits and use time-limiting software. Block access during the night or during other danger times.

How Can Net Nanny Help?

ContentWatch, makers of Net Nanny, will give a copy of our leading Internet Filtering solution to any addict or addict’s family. Free.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Identify a Sponsor (e.g. Bishop/Ecclesiastical leader, therapist, or spouse) for the addicted person. Just like Alcoholics Anonymous, an addict needs a Sponsor to go to for help.
  2. The Sponsor should send an email to dlyon@contentwatch.com and request a Sponsor copy of Net Nanny. Please indicate whether you need a license for Windows, Android, or Mac OS X (10.7 and higher). You can ask for more than one license type.
  3. Note: A Sponsor copy is free for six-months and is the standard version of the software.
  4. The Sponsor installs Net Nanny on the addict’s computer, and keeps the password and credentials. If the addict needs access to a particular Web site that is blocked by Net Nanny, s/he needs to ask the Sponsor for permission. The Sponsor can make exceptions to the user's account from the cloud-based Net Nanny administrator console.

This is not a cure, but a tool in the fight.