In addition to our own dynamite engineering team, our software is built using great software built by others. We acknowledge their contribution here. Thank you.

Android NDK/SDK Android Software Development Kit License
antlr Public Domain
aopalliance Public Domain
Apache Commons Codec Apache License 2.0
Apache Commons Lang Apache License 2.0
Artifactory LGPL v3
backport-util-concurrent Public Domain
Boost Boost Software License
bson-erlang Apache License 2.0
cglib Apache License 2.0
CodeNarc Apache License 2.0
commons-httpclient Apache License 2.0
DropKick Public Domain
Eclipse Eclipse Public License (Free)
Erlang Erlang Public License v1.1 (Free)
Erlang-rfc4627 Unspecified (Free)
ExplorerCanvas Apache License 2.0
Fusion Charts Commercial (Paid)
FusionCharts Commercial (Paid)
Gentoo Linux GPL
google-url New BSD
Gradle Apache License 2.0
Grails Apache License 2.0
Grails Cache Headers Apache License 2.0
Grails Cached Resources Apache License 2.0
Grails jQuery Apache License 2.0
Grails Resources Apache License 2.0
Grails Spring Security Core Apache License 2.0
Grails Test Code Coverage ???
Grails Tomcat Apache License 2.0
Grails Zipped Resources Apache License v2.0
Grails: Eclipse Scripts ???
Groovy Apache License 2.0
gtest (Google Test) BSD
Handlebars Public Domain
Hibernate LGPL v2.1
ICU ICU license
ICU4J Open Source License (Free)
Inno Inno Setup License (Free)
Jackson Apache License 2.0
Java GPL
JavaMail Oracle Binary Code License
javax.activation CDDL v1.0
Jcrop MIT License (Free)
Jenkins MIT License (Free)
jMock Public Domain
Joda-Time Apache License 2.0
Jopt Open Source
jQuery MIT License (Free)
jQuery inputToButton MIT License (Free)
jQueryTemplates Public Domain
JsonCpp MIT
libcurl MIT/X
libpng libpng License (Free)
libxml2 MIT
libxslt MIT
Lilith logback appender LGPL/GPLv3
Log4erl MPL v1.1
Logback EPL v1.0/LGPL v2.1
Maven-publisher Apache License 2.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Runtime Redistributable N/A
Microsoft Visual C++ 2011 Runtime Redistributable N/A
Microsoft Visual Studio C++ MSDN (Paid)
MochiWeb MIT License (Free)
mongodb-erlang Apache License 2.0
Mozilla / Fennec MPL
OpenSSL Apache License 1.0/BSD
Peity Public Domain
PHP 5 PHP License
PostgreSQL PostgreSQL License (Free)
Pthreads-w32 LGPL
Quartz Scheduler Apache License 2.0
RabbitMQ MPL 1.1
RabbitMQ Java Client MPL v1.1
ReportNG Apache License 2.0
Saxon-HE MPL v1.0
SLF4j MIT License (Free)
Spring Framework Apache License 2.0
SQLite 3 sqlite
TestNG Apache License 2.0
Thymeleaf Apache License 2.0
Ubuntu Linux GPL
Valums file uploader No License
Velocity Template Engine Apache License 2.0
VMWare Commercial (Paid)
wxWidgets/wxWin wxWindows License (Free)
Xfire Public Domain
zlib zlib

Site Colophon

Our website is built using the Zend Framework for PHP and the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library. The forums are based on the Vanilla forum and the knowledge base is based on PHPMyFAQ.

We acknowledge with gratitude the icons we've used from the GNOME (GPL), Tango (public domain), and gnome-colors (GPL) projects. Additionally, we're using the Vector Social Media Icons provided by IconDock.