May 28, 2019


On May 28 2019 Net Nanny® released an update to Net Nanny® 10 for Windows. This update brings screen time restrictions for Net Nanny® users to Windows computers and notebooks. This updates also introduces the ability to switch Net Nanny® profiles manually or automatically based on which Windows user is logged in to the computer

This update includes many great improvements for stability and performance. Two important features in the release could affect and improve the way are using Net Nanny® today.

1.  Screen time management is now extended beyond mobile devices and is also applied to Windows devices. This means if you have associated a single Net Nanny® profile with both a mobile device and a Windows device, the screen time enforcement for that Net Nanny® profile will be applied to both devices when the time runs out.

2.  To help make sure that a single family member doesn’t use the entire allocated screen time, Net Nanny® also lets you associate individual Net Nanny® profiles with each Windows account on the computer. This means kids can login to Windows with their own Windows account credentials and get their own Net Nanny® settings. Net Nanny® will automatically remember when a new Net Nanny® profile is logged in and keep associating that profile with the Windows account until you choose to change it. You can easily change it by clicking theNet Nanny® icon in the bottom right hand corner and selecting “Switch User”. Use these steps for each family member who has a Windows account to let your family share a computer without having to share Net Nanny® settings or screen time allocations.

If you have Net Nanny® installed on your Windows computer, it should update automatically. Alternatively, you can click the Net Nanny® icon running in the taskbar, select Administration and then choose “Check for updates” to make sure your Net Nanny® installation is updated to the latest version.

We know these features are new and might need additional explanation, so we have created some FAQs to help explain. Read our FAQs to better understand these features here.

We also have a live support team available to speak with you. The team is happy to explain how things work and even help you get Net Nanny configured to your liking. Call 1-801-508-3569 or write for assistance.

We are committed to improving Net Nanny® and to continue to be the best solution to keep your family safe and happy online.

Clayton Ostler: Chief Product Officer

Clayton is passionate about how Net Nanny’s AI-driven filtering solution can help parents protect their kids from inappropriate content, while still letting kids experience the positive benefits of the online world.