Jun 12, 2014


Snapchat, the popular app embraced by teens and many others, gained millions of users on slightly false premises.

The creators quickly lured in users under the impression that texts and photos would disappear almost immediately after being viewed. The idea of sending promiscuous images without any consequences was enticing and many fell for it.

Snapchat users boldly share explicit and embarrassing photos with friends and acquaintances.

While “snap chatters” sent thousands of private images, the FTC was busy uncovering the truth and found that the creators of Snapchat had been deceiving the public.

The tech-savvy creators took advantage of the fact that it really does look like the images are deleted and gone forever just seconds after being viewed. Yet, for those who are more aware of the capabilities of the Internet and technology, know that shared information will not be secure for long. 

The truth is, any photo or video sent using Snapchat or any other app is never permanently deleted. Content is stored on the device and can be easily retrieved when connected to a computer. Not only was that deceiving, but the “Find Friends” feature had other intentions; Snapchat collected contact and location information.

If personal information is leaked onto the Internet, it opens up opportunities for stalkers and sexual harassers. Social networks and apps can keep a history for an extended time. 

Net Nanny Social can assist parents who are apprehensive and want to monitor apps and social networks. With a simple, web-based dashboard, parents can see pictures posted, friends requested and accepted, and other social media activity.

Parents, be aware of what your child is posting and downloading. Talk regularly about online dangers and privacy techniques. When good communication and software tools are combined, you can create a safe online environment for your child.

Source: http://www.techtimes.com/articles/6853/20140512/snapchat-image-sharing-images-photos-videos-fcc-privacy-online-privacy.htm

Mara Mahaffey