Apr 27, 2009


I once heard a man tell a story about a hard lesson he learned—only after it was too late. This fellow took special pride in his home’s finely manicured lawn and its flawless landscaping. One afternoon he was in his front yard talking with his neighbor when he noticed something moving in the grass. The neighbor said,  “You have mole crickets. If you don’t do something quickly, your lawn will be destroyed.

The man had never heard of such a thing. He looked at his beautiful, deep green lawn, then shrugged it off as nothing to worry about. A few weeks later he noticed brown spots starting to appear. As the weeks went by, the brown spots spread. He tried adjusting the sprinklers
and used various different fertilizers and sprays, but nothing worked. Within a few months, his once immaculate lawn was in ruins.

He had an expert come out. The verdict came back:  “Mole crickets! “But how? he exclaimed. “I tend this lawn every day and I never saw anything but an occasional bug. The expert lifted up a section of dead sod and there, to the man’s shock and amazement, the grass roots were completely severed!

“Mole crickets, he explained, “live under ground and only come out at night to eat at the roots. The blades look lush and green, but underneath the surface the crickets are eating away. You might see one or two during the day and think it’s no big deal. But by the time the brown spots start appearing, it’s too late; the damage is already done. The expert reached
beneath a patch of brown grass and picked up a thrashing, one-inch-long insect.  ‘This is the culprit, “he said. The man stared down at the little bug and then at his destroyed lawn. He couldn’t believe it.

We enjoy freedom, peace and prosperity in this great country of ours as a result of our forefathers and mothers taking care of the roots—recognizing and destroying the lethal elements before they could do permanent damage. The grass has been green and lush, but brown spots are beginning to appear. Pornography’s “cyber-mole crickets are eating away at the roots of decency and freedom as millions are trapped in addiction. What are we doing to fight them? What will our children and grandchildren do when, through our neglect, procrastination and complacency, society’s once-lush turf lies brown and dead?

Internet porn and sexual-oriented chat rooms are working “under the surface in our society. You can’t immediately see the damage being done. It is quietly and privately going on behind closed doors in bedrooms, dens and offices all across America. It’s a seemingly little thing, really. One person on a computer here, another there. You see the signs of damage every now and then—a woman is raped, a porn-addicted father molests his
daughter, a pedophile stalks a child.  “But these are extremes, you think, “a
few brown spots. Most of the lawn is nice and green. It’s only a few mole crickets.

But under the surface, in millions of homes and offices, outside the direct view of society, a plague is eating away at the roots of freedom, decency, women’s rights, family relationships and values, respect, integrity and honor.  Do we even have a clue to the extent of damage that is being done? How can we accurately predict the long-term consequences for our children, grandchildren and future generations? Never before has this country experienced such an avalanche of pornography—available at the push of a button, on the computer or cell phone screen—to men, women, teens and children. Where will all of this lead? How much damage will the underground mole crickets of porn inflict before we take it all seriously?
“But I’m only one person, you may be thinking, “What can I do against this overwhelming surge? The first thing you must do is PROTECT yourself and your own family. That is what the Net Nanny service is all about. Once you have this critical protection in place, educate yourself about pornography—not through the hype of Hollywood, the mainstream media and pornographers—but learn the full “truth about this modern day “drug.   

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Mark B. Kastleman is the author of the bestselling book, The Drug of the New Millennium—the Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use. Mark and his colleagues are leaders in the development of personal e-learning systems. Through the latest technology, they provide internet-based addiction recovery training and personal growth programs. Mark is Co-Founder and Director of Education&Training at Candeocan.com.  

Dr. Bernell Christensen - Guest Blogger from Candeo


Dr. Bernell Christensen is a marriage and family therapist with over 30 years of experience. Dr. Christensen and his colleagues are leaders in the development of personal e-learning systems. Through the latest technology, they provide internet-based addiction recovery training and personal growth programs. Dr. Christensen is Co-Founder of Candeocan.com