Feb 01, 2017

In a January 2017 episode of the long-running televised series The Dr. Oz Show, Dr. Mehmet Oz highlighted the dangers of designer drugs and what steps you can take to protect your family from them.

Demand for man-made “designer drugs” is on the rise and, even worse, they’re readily accessible online.

Owen, a show guest and former employee of a site that sold designer drugs, explained that purchasing them was “as easy as ordering a T-Shirt online”.

To combat this, Dr. Oz showed the audience how to use Net Nanny’s parental control software to block designer drug websites. He went on to demonstrate how parents will receive alert notifications whenever an inappropriate website is reached.

Our Mission

Your child can learn about addictive drugs and how to use them, complete with detailed instructions on the use of specific paraphernalia, by conducting simple searches on seemingly innocuous sites like Google, Wikipedia and YouTube.

Many parents struggle to understand and navigate their children's technology use.

This concern, along with the risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with raising healthy kids in a digital world, is real.

With Net Nanny software parents can track, monitor, and set up alerts based on customized settings. This allows parents to take a proactive approach to the many dangers kids may experience online; including drugs, cyber bullying, and pornography.

Trey Patterson

Trey Patterson is a young, award-winning, creative writer & designer. His aspiration is to make an impact on the creative world.