Mar 20, 2015

Content filters such as Net Nanny are a great way to keep kids safe from inappropriate content. Content filters can block pornography, illegal websites, and other inappropriate content found on the internet. Content filters also keep kids from inadvertently coming across this inappropriate content.

While content filters are great assets in protecting kids, they are not perfect. In a survey of parents that had content filters on their computer, 24% of parents believe that their children could access blocked content. Kids today are very tech-savvy, and many can figure out ways to get around content filters if they want.

Kids will also do other things to hide any inappropriate content that they may be accessing. In the same survey, 30% of teenagers admitted that they know how to delete their browsing history. 12% of teenagers have deleted their browsing history in the past year. While deleting internet browser history will erase the history on the browser, it won’t delete the history if a content filter is keeping track of the history.

Most kids don’t have content filters on their smartphones and tablets. 15% of kids have content filters on their smartphones or tablets. Many parents aren’t aware that there are content filters for smartphones. Net Nanny has a downloadable app for smartphones and tablets that creates a safe browser for kids.

Content filters are a great way to protect kids from accidentally and even intentionally accessing inappropriate content on the internet. However, kids can get around filters. The way to protect kids that may want to get around filters if through communication. Communicate with children about the appropriate use of technology, and set up consequences if they do intentionally inappropriate content. Another things parents can do is make sure that technology is only used in public areas. That way, kids will be less likely to access inappropriate content that their parents might see.



Nathan Gruenewald