Mar 13, 2020

Anxious Child

The Net Nanny team has received multiple requests in the last 24 hours from parents of children that are anxious because of news about coronavirus. Building on our Custom Category feature that allows parents to monitor or block any content of their choosing, today we released a custom COVID-19 filter that enables parents to either monitor their children’s exposure to coronavirus information online or simply block it completely. This works across all browsers on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows. We pushed this feature to all existing Net Nanny 10 installations today. New Net Nanny customers will have this custom filter available immediately upon installation.

Quick How-To

Follow the numbered steps below to enable Net Nanny’s COVID-19 Custom Content Filter to be alerted or block news and topics related to the COVID-19 virus, outbreaks, pandemics or community quarantines. Following the quick list will help you manage your kid’s exposure to coronavirus related info or simply get alerted when kids are viewing or searching for this info. Below we discuss some of benefits and options and will include screens with a detailed step-by-step summary of the process to enable Custom Content Filters related to the Coronavirus disease. NOTE: The following applies only to Net Nanny 10.

  1. Log in to the Net Nanny 10 admin console from your web browser ( or open your Net Nanny parent app on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Select the Child Profile you want to edit by tapping the Child Avatar at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose the Standard Restrictions button (looks like horizontal sliders).
  4. Click or Tap on Custom Content Filters.
  5. Notice the new Custom Content Filter called COVID-19.
  6. Select Alert if you want to get an alert when kids access COVID-19/Coronavirus info OR
  7. Select Block to block exposure or access to COVID-19/Coronavirus info.

Note: In response to current concerns related to online information related to the COVID-19 / Coronavirus, Net Nanny has created a predefined custom category with the suggested words, phrases and artificial intelligence to help parents manage content related to this critical topic. Enabling this feature will monitor and protect and alert for content related to the Coronavirus. Note further since basically every news site is currently covered with references to the pandemic, if you block content related to COVID-19, your child may not be able to open any major news site.


Coronavirus disease, technically identified as COVID-19 is a critical and important topic. There is news and information related to the current outbreak of COVID-19 everywhere. Kids are being sent home from schools, communities are on lockdowns and some individuals are being quarantined when symptoms are manifest. This giant change in our world has kids concerned and confused. Parents want to know what their kids are searching for, what info they are reading, and better understand how this topic is affecting the emotional well being of their kids.

Net Nanny recognizes this need and is using their powerful Artificial Intelligence in Custom Content Filters to empower parents and protect kids. Net Nanny is the only parental control solution with Artificial Intelligence to let parents detect, block and monitor any topic, subject or content type. You can learn more about Net Nanny at

Summary of Potential Concerns

  • Information about the dangerous coronavirus disease is all over the Internet. Parents should help ensure kids don’t get incorrect data.
  • Kids' emotional state and well-being is important to parents. This overload of information about COVID-19 can make kids more afraid and unstable.
  • Parents should be aware when kids are learning about pandemics, lockdowns, quarantines and other Coronavirus related news to have rational and comforting conversations with kids.
  • The topics kids are searching is a good indication of what is on their minds and issues that might be troubling them. Net Nanny gives parents clear visibility to all their kids Internet searches.

See a more detailed discussion about these concerns and how you can be better informed below.

Step-by-step Guide To Enable Net Nanny’s COVID-19 Filter

Enabling the COVID-19 Custom Content Filters lets parents know when kids are exposed to COVID-19 related information and even choose to block it. These powerful tools use Artificial Intelligence (AI) combined with important words and phrases related to the coronavirus, related outbreaks, quarantines and social effects to keep kids safe and parents in the know. Applying the protection of Custom Content Filters related to COVID-19 lets parents choose if they want to get alerts when kids are searching for or exposed to COVID-19 related content or if they wish to block this information entirely. Net Nanny recognizes that all kids are different and that each parent has specific needs and concerns related to this dangerous Coronavirus and surrounding topics. With Custom Content Filters you can block exposure to this or any other concerning content or be instantly alerted helping to promote healthy conversations.

See the screenshot of an example of the Custom Content Filter for COVID-19:

COVID-19 Filter Screen 1

Monitoring kids searches

The topics and phrases kids search for online are important indications of curiosities and concerns kids have. Net Nanny will show parents all online searches.

When parents enable the COVID-19 Custom Content Filter, Net Nanny also lets them get alerts when kids search for Coronavirus related content. These alerts help parents to create conversations and educate their kids, keeping kids happy and safe.

Enabling COVID-19 Custom Content Filter

First make sure you have a Net Nanny account. You can get more info about what type of Net Nanny subscription is best for your family by visiting There are solutions for all device types and all sizes of families.

After setting up your account and protecting your family’s devices, open the Net Nanny Parent App or use the web-based Parent Web Dashboard.

Select the Child Profile you want to edit by tapping the Child Avatar at the top of the screen.

COVID-19 Filter Screen 2

Choose the Standard Restrictions button.

COVID-19 Filter Screen 3

Click or Tap on Custom Content Filters.

COVID-19 Filter Screen 4

Notice the new Custom Content Filter called COVID-19

Select Alert if you want to get an alert when kids access COVID-19/Coronavirus info

Select Block to block exposure or access to COVID-19/Coronavirus info

COVID-19 Filter Screen 5


The Coronavirus / COVID-19 is an important topic, parents want to make sure their kids learn about this topic in a way that is age appropriate and best explained based on their personality and capacity to understand. Getting alerts when kids are accessing this content and limiting their exposure to COVID-19 content is an excellent way to ensure they have correct info and can express their fears and questions to a parent or other trusted adult.

Clayton Ostler