Net Nanny for iOS - FAQ

Click Here for easy, A-B-C instructions on configuring Net Nanny for iOS.

1. Where can I get Net Nanny for my iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

You can purchase Net Nanny for iOS directly from the iTunes App Store. The easiest way to access this store is from the "App Store" icon on your iOS device. Then purchase the app in the same way you would purchase any mobile app, music or movie. Net Nanny for iOS is a one-time charge for unlimited use on your mobile device.

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Net Nanny - Content Watch Holdings, Inc.

2. Will Net Nanny run on my older iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch?

Net Nanny for iOS is designed to run on any device that supports iOS version 5.0 and above. This includes:

  • iPhone 3GS and above
  • iPad "any version"
  • iPod Touch 3rd generation and above.

3. I just installed Net Nanny for iOS.  How do I see my current settings?

You can check current settings for Net Nanny by opening the Net Nanny app and selecting the "Settings" icon. The "Settings" icon is the center icon on the bottom of the screen when Net Nanny is open. After selecting "Settings," under the Configuration section, you will see "Safety Setting."  This will show "High, Medium, or Low" depending on the setting you selected.

4. I have Net Nanny for iOS installed.  How do I change the settings?

To stop unauthorized users from changing settings, Net Nanny for iOS requires that the app be reinstalled to change the selected settings. You can easily reinstall the application by first removing the installed app. This is accomplished by long tapping the Net Nanny icon until it starts to "wiggle," then tap it again to remove it. After removing the app, simply go back to the App Store, search for Net Nanny and reinstall it. You will not be charged for re-installing.

5. If I remove Net Nanny for iOS, will I have to pay for it again to reinstall it?

No. Your purchase of Net Nanny for iOS is tied to your iTunes account. You can reinstall any apps if you remove them at no extra cost.

6. What can I do to keep my kids from using Safari or another mobile web browser instead of Net Nanny?

To ensure a device is protected, Net Nanny should be the only browser installed and the only available browser on the mobile device.  First remove any other installed mobile browsers, and then disable Safari by following these simple steps.

  1. From the main iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch screen, choose the "Settings" option.
  2. Tap on "General."
  3. Next, choose "Restrictions."  Turn this feature on if it is not already enabled. Important - you will also be required to enter or create a 4-digit passcode.
  4. In the Restrictions menu, you will then drag the slider under the "Safari" option to "OFF". This removes Safari from view.
  5. In this Restrictions menu, there are other important features you can shut off as well, including content ratings, turning off YouTube, iTunes downloads and installing other applications.

For more details on these embedded iOS Restrictions and features, please visit

7. When I install Net Nanny for iOS, I am prompted to select 1 of 3 pre-defined settings.  Can I change this later?

Yes. To change this setting, you must remove Net Nanny and then re-install it from the "App Store." You can remove and re-install Net Nanny as many times and as often as needed. There is no charge from iTunes to reinstall an app you have already paid for.

8. Under the options for the pre-defined settings, I see options for "warn."  What does "warn" do?

In Net Nanny, categories of content set to "warn" show a page very similar to a standard "block" page. The key difference between "warn" and "block" is that content that is "warned" allows the user to simply tap the "continue" button found at the bottom of the block page to continue.  "Block" does not allow you to continue. "Warn" is just that — it's a warning before the user continues to the page.

9. Can Net Nanny filter inappropriate content within "other" apps?

Because of the way the iOS operating system is designed, Apple has put strong limitations on Apps. These limitations mean that Net Nanny, or any installed app, cannot directly interact with "other" apps. Net Nanny suggests using the embedded iOS Restrictions, along with installing Net Nanny to provide the safest and most protected experience on your devices.

For more details on these embedded iOS Restrictions and features, please visit

10. Can I see a report of the websites visited using Net Nanny for iOS?

Net Nanny for iOS does not allow a user to clear their browser history in the app. This means parents can always see the history of visited websites by selecting the settings icon. The "Settings" icon is the center icon on the bottom of the screen when the Net Nanny app is open. After selecting the icon, select "History." This screen will show a history of websites visited and when they were visited.

11. Net Nanny for iOS has different features than Net Nanny for  Windows and Mac.  Why?

Net Nanny for iOS provides the same content filtering technology and protection found in our other Net Nanny versions. Net Nanny for iOS is equally effective at protecting your family from inappropriate web content. Because of limitations within the iOS operating system, some of the features that are found in the Windows/Mac versions of Net Nanny are not technically achievable, or even relevant, on mobile devices. Net Nanny is working hard to add new features and working with mobile device manufactures to add new features and functionality that will keep your family safe as technologies change and emerge.

12. When I click on links in my email nothing happens, why?

Unfortunately Apple does not allow a third-party browser (including Net Nanny) to open when you click hyperlinks within emails, texts, or apps. Instead, you must copy the hyperlink URL and paste it into the Net Nanny address bar. You can copy any hyperlink URL by long tapping on the link and then selecting "copy," then within Net Nanny long tap on the address bar and select "paste." Apple has established this limitation for all browsers except Safari.