How to Add iOS Devices to your Family Protection Pass

  1. From the iOS device you wish to protect, find our 'Net Nanny Family Protect Pass' app in iTunes and tap the "Get" option then Tap "Install"
  2. Tap Open, and Accept
  3. You will now be asked to login with your account credentials – click Continue. **In order to install Net Nanny Family Protect Pass for iOS you must already have a subscription to one of the Family Protection Pass options at**
    • If you do not, then you will need to purchase one before continuing with the installation.
    • If you have Family Protection Pass subscription, but do not have enough seats available to install on your iOS devices you will need to upgrade prior to installation.
  4. Once you are signed in you will be asked to Add Users. You can create a new User for the iOS device or simply select an existing User you want protected on the device and select Link User.
  5. The Net Nanny settings will then update and apply to the Net Nanny Family Protect Pass app on your mobile device
  6. Once those settings are done, the Net Nanny Family Protect Pass app will Initialize and give you instructions on blocking other browsers and App. (See Step #2 to block other browsers, after tapping "continue" you will see the web page
  7. Net Nanny for iOS is now setup and you can safely use the Net Nanny Family Protect Pass app for Internet surfing.