1. Open Control Panel and click on Uninstall a program
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall01
  2. Find Net Nanny in the list of Programs and click on it and then click Uninstall
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall02
  3. Enter your Uninstall password – typically this is your Admin password.  If your Admin password does not work for uninstalling, login to Admin Tools and under Passwords you can change the Uninstall password there.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall03
  4. Click on Uninstall or Take Survey – If you click Uninstall click Yes when asked if you are sure:
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall04
  5. Uninstall will begin and you will be asked to Restart your computer – select Yes.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall05
  6. Once computer is restarted you can reinstall going to  to www.netnanny.com – you can access your account information by selecting Login
  7. When you get the login options, select Manage Account and then enter your Account email address and password – this may not be the same email address associated with your Admin profile.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall06
  8. Once logged in your Subscription products will be listed, within each product box the registration number will be listed (Green is active – Red is expired/inactive).  The download option will also be found near the bottom of the product box.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall07
  9. Once you have downloaded the program you can start the installation by double clicking on the .exe file and click on Run.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall08
  10. Select the appropriate language for install.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall09
  11. Then you are asked to close any other applications and to disable your firewall and anti-spyware/anti-virus programs – once that is done click Next
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall10
  12. Accept license agreement – please read and then hit Next
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall11
  13. Enter your registration number –
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall12
  14. Enter your Admin email address and Admin password and hit Next
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall13
  15. Click Next on this screen
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall14
  16. Click Yes, if you get this next screen
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall15
  17. Click Install
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall16
  18. Installation will continue
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall17
  19. Because you are reinstalling – select Default Settings and hit Next
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall18
  20. Select Yes, Restart the computer now and then select Finish- computer will restart and Net Nanny will be reinstalled.
    quickstart uninstallandreinstall19