Net Nanny Webinar:
8 Tech Tips for Parents with a Clever Kid

January 16, 2014

Presented by Clayton Ostler, Head Geek at Net Nanny

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Many kids accidentally get into trouble online, while other kids look for it.

Listen to our expert, Clayton Ostler, and learn about the following "sneaky" ways your teen might get around the safeguards you've set up (or wished you had set up):

  • How to hide apps, photos, and videos on a smartphone
  • Removing or bypassing a Web filter
  • Using a proxy webpage or anonymous browsing mode (and browsing history eraser)
  • Admin rights on a PC or device--and why are they bad
  • Using a messaging app rather than texting
  • Fake Facebook or social media accounts
  • Anonymizer software (USB keys and applications)
  • Websites that seem safe, but aren't (i.e., Amazon, Wikipedia, Bing, etc)