Family Digital Safety Pledge

  • My parents/guardians have given me digital technology (i.e., computer, tablet, phone) to help me learn and grow. Those devices belong to my parents/guardians and I am borrowing them. I will share my passwords with my parents/guardians. If I break a device, I will pay to fix or replace it.

  • I will be open and honest online and will not deceive anyone about my identity or my intentions.

  • If I receive hurtful, offensive, sexually explicit, or other questionable material, I will talk immediately with my parents/guardians about it.

  • I respect the feelings and privacy of others and will not share anything online that may embarrass, harm, threaten, or insult.

  • I will be courteous and use appropriate language online at all times.

  • I will not share any personal information online, such as my real name, home address, phone numbers, my location, school name, friends names, or passwords on any site--without first checking with my parents/guardians.

  • I understand that people are not always who they say they are online. I will not "friend" anyone online or communicate with anyone that I don’t know. I will not meet up with anyone that I have met online.

  • I will not download anything illegal or sign up for anything without the permission of my parents/guardians.

  • I will use the computer or my smartphone during the times my parents/guardians indicate. I will limit myself to the amount of time that we agreed upon.

  • I know that if I do not abide by these rules, there will be consequences.

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