The 'Brain Science' Behind Internet Porn Addiction

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Candeo helps people stop porn

Mark Kastleman

If you or someone you care about is struggling under the heavy burden of pornography addiction, it can be a very confusing, frustrating and hopeless experience. I know. I was hooked at age 13 and battled my addiction for nearly 25 years, before breaking free and moving forward to a happy, peaceful, successful life.

You may be wondering as I did in those early years, "Why is pornography so incredibly powerful? There's got to be more to this than just 'dirty pictures'!"

After more than 12 years of intensive research and clinical trials, we now know for certain that pornography addiction is a "chemical addiction" producing a response in the brain very similar to street drugs. When I learned that there was a logical, reasonable, scientific explanation behind my struggles, it removed a heavy load of shame from my shoulders, and radically changed the way I viewed myself. For the first time I knew that I wasn't a freak, a loser or a lost cause. This new-found knowledge was a huge advantage in moving me forward.

Pornography is powerful because it takes advantage of and taps into intense emotional, biological and chemical connections throughout the brain and the entire body. We are born with many of these connections "pre-wired" or "pre-set" to switch on at certain times in our development. Pornography seeks to twist the truth and "mimic" or "counterfeit" this built-in attraction. Its goal is to ignite, excite and exploit these natural built-in urges and desires.

During sexual process, the brain begins narrowing its focus as it releases a tidal wave of endorphins and other neurochemicals like dopamine, norepinephrine, oxytocin and serotonin. These "natural drugs" produce a tremendous rush or high. When these chemicals are released during healthy marital intimacy we refer to them as "the fabulous four" because of the myriad positive benefits they generate between husband and wife. When they are released during pornography use and other sexual addiction behaviors, we call them "the fearsome four" due to the severe addiction and many negative consequences they produce in the brain and nervous system.

Now you know why we refer to pornography use as "substance abuse." In fact, the neurochemical release triggered by pornography viewing is so intense, many scientists refer to it as an "eroto-toxin" and the most powerful drug in history.

Many would agree that we live in the most stressful time in the history of the world-there are more than enough pressures to push us to seek escape through many forms of self-medication-both healthy and destructive. Imagine taking the most powerful drug in history and making it instantly available at the push of a button, at little or no cost. Your drug use is secret, and the drug dealers come to you! That's exactly what the Internet has done with pornography. It's what we call the "4 A's of the Internet"-Accessible, Affordable, Anonymous and Aggressive. Now can you understand why some estimates show more than 60 million people in the U.S. caught up in this "drug use" at some level?

The good news is that while there is a logical, scientific explanation behind how and why individuals get trapped in pornography addiction, there is also a tested and proven process for getting them out! For more information on the Candeo Six Weeks to Freedom recovery program, please read about it here.