We Live in an Age of Addiction

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Mark Kastleman
From Candeocan.com

If you think about it, we're all prime targets for addiction. We lead hectic, fast-paced, anxiety-filled lives. We often base our self-worth on our accomplishments. We drive ourselves further and further to achieve. Peace and confidence are often elusive for many good-hearted souls. As we continue to push ourselves harder and faster, we become more tired, stressed, and often more isolated.

Here's a typical example of how easy it is to get pulled into an addiction cycle. I call it the College Student. Keep in mind that with just a few adjustments, this could describe the burned-out businessman, financially-buried single mom, and many other individuals who are struggling with the trials of life.  

The College Student

Imagine an individual who excitedly enters college with a burning desire to gain valuable knowledge and skills. He wants to invest in himself and develop his talents and abilities. However, he soon discovers that he is surrounded by other bright, talented and ambitious people in a very competitive and rigorous environment. He finds himself not just jogging, but constantly sprinting in a rat race to excel. Before long he is exhausted, but he doesn't give up; he can't slow down. He continues to work, study and sacrifice day in and day out, often for years.

He finds himself isolated and lonely because of a lack of time, social opportunities and energy. The intense daily competition leaves him feeling insecure and questioning his own uniqueness, talents and abilities. He often rises early in the morning to study, attends classes, works to earn a little spending money, studies some more in the evening, and arrives home completely spent. He has forgotten what it is like to really "play" and enjoy leisure time. He begins experiencing emotional burnout and mental and physical fatigue. Before long he finds himself craving pleasure and escape. He doesn't have much time for such things. He is a prime target and set-up for Internet pornography.

He discovers that pornography is an easy, quick and cheap source of pleasure and escape. It is exciting and arousing- an extreme and intense amount of pleasure in a short period of time. Reaching climax stimulates his parasympathetic nervous system, providing instant relaxation and calmness. In fact, he even begins using self-stimulation and climax as a way to "be able to go to sleep." 

Within a short period of time the student develops an addiction. He begins accessing pornography more and more often. It starts interfering with his studies and ability to focus and concentrate. He feels guilty about his behavior and tries to stop, but finds himself going back again and again. He tries to avoid even thinking about pornography and self-stimulation, and begins to fear these thoughts and his "out-of-control" behavior. The more he fights the thoughts, the more they force their way into his mind. Eventually, worn out by the struggle, he gives in and finds temporary relief, only to start the obsessive/compulsive cycle* all over again.

This bright, young, genuinely "good" person finds himself shackled by the chains of Hell, entrapped both in an addiction and in an obsession/compulsion. The more he tries to stop, the more difficult it becomes. The intense guilt, helplessness and discouragement become overwhelming.

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