How Explicit Web Marketers Target Men vs. Women

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Mark Kastleman

In past months' articles, we've looked at the dramatic contrasts in the structure of the male and female brains and how each views sexuality differently. We've also discussed how Internet pornographers use the power of the Funnel of Sexual Arousal to entrap and addict. In this article, we will look at how Internet pornographers use specific tactics to attract and ensnare the male market; capitalizing on the unique aspects of the male brain structure.

How Internet Pornographers Target the Male Brain Internet pornographers are some of the most cunning, degenerate marketers and salespeople in the entire world-physical or virtual. They know their craft and have devised laser-focus techniques to capture each of those markets. Based on the structure of the male brain, how do Internet pornographers market to men and teenage boys?

Let's review the typical attributes of the potential male Internet porn consumer in the cold, hard terminology the pornographers use. How do they seduce their customers?

  1. Vision is the key perceptual sense in males-they "like to look." They respond with far more vigor and speed to visual stimuli than females typically do.
  2. Males descend down the funnel of arousal lightning fast and block out all thoughts and attached emotions of wife, romance, tenderness, and love. Their total focus is on the physical act of sex. They yearn to see body parts and things being done to those body parts.
  3. Males are attracted to anonymous, nude females for casual, impersonal sex. They are usually not interested in relationships, romance, foreplay, or anything connected with these. Instead they want to get right down to business-the explicit physical sex act.
  4. Males have up to 20 times more testosterone than females coursing through their mindbody. Testosterone fuels sexual drive and aggression. As a result, it's a turn-on for most viewers to see males dominate, be aggressive or even violent in sex with females.
  5. The male brain can focus narrowly for long periods of time on body parts and the physical sex act. Therefore a variety of changing material and an increase in stimulation are required or they become bored. The pornographer must lure them into the site, keep them there, then bring them back for more the next time.
  6. The end goal for males in viewing Internet porn is masturbation and orgasm. The pornographer must be sure that their male viewers complete this process to assure addiction and the powerful imprinting of the images in the cells of the male mindbody.

With all of this in mind, how do Internet pornographers provide content that taps into the male brain at the highest level possible? Consider their techniques:

Visual Stimulation at the Highest Possible Level
Knowing that the typical male viewer's primary perception is vision, pornographers have crammed the Internet with every visual stimulus that exists - photographs, videos, live-camera, cartoons, virtual reality, etc. These appear as "banner ads" even before the male viewer ever enters the porn site. Like "billboards," banner ads display graphic porn and words of every kind designed to visually lure in male viewers. Such banner ads are attached to standard search engine home pages for men, women and children of all ages to see.

Once inside the porn site, the viewer is splattered with a visual overload. Thousands of explicit photos, hundreds of hours of explicit videos and 24-hour live cameras, all instantly available at the click of the mouse-button. An unending stream of visual stimuli as fast and constantly changing as the male viewer desires-a critical element because without a constantly changing visual display, the male brain quickly grows bored. Truly, pornographers are masters at tapping into the male desire "to look" at the highest level possible.

Male Viewers Want to See Body Parts
Pornographers know full well the male brain's predisposition to narrowly focus on parts rather than the whole-to objectify and compartmentalize everything. Internet porn geared to the male audience is a continuous wave of one specific male body part doing everything imaginable to every conceivable female body part, from head to toe. Much of this material involves extreme close-ups of one particular body part at a time. This is always completely devoid of any emotion, romance or tenderness. Rather, it is designed to be sexually intense but without commitment/emotion-the perfect visual male stimulus.

The Male Viewer Wants the Perfect Female Sex Partner
Most Internet porn geared to the male market shows the "man in control." The female is "servicing" the male, subservient to whatever he wants done to him or to whatever he wants to do to her. And she is nearly always shown as completely lusting after him and enjoying every moment of their sexual activities, even though in real life many of these activities would be painful and/or distasteful to most wives.

This "male-in-control/female-wanting-and-enjoying-it" combination, in effect creates a female that is responding sexually the way a male would, which in turn supplies the male viewer with his "perfect sex partner" fantasy. He in total control; having done to him, or doing, exactly what turns him on most. This is male sexual fantasy at the highest level of stimulation.

Dominance, Aggression, and Violence in Male-Centered Porn
As discussed previously, the more cellular memories (biological and physiological processes) that pornographers can link their porn to throughout the male brain and body, the greater chance they have of addicting their viewers. And the more naturally occurring drugs/hormones (especially testosterone, but also adrenaline, epinephrine, and others) flowing in the male mindbody during viewing, the more narrow will be his focus, the more intense his sexual/mindbody arousal, the more deeply the images will be imprinted in his memory, and the greater his addiction.

Pornographers achieve this combination of a high number of mindbody links and maximum drug/hormone release by mixing sexual images with male dominance, aggression and violent images intended to shock and stimulate simultaneously. Porn scenes ranging from simple "male in control" to aggression, rape, torture and murder, abound in Internet porn geared to the male viewer.

These kinds of images link sexual arousal in the male mindbody with emotions of shock, anger, confusion, violence and domination which cause the male mindbody to release enormous amounts of additional testosterone, which further increase male narrowing, loss of reason, feelings of aggression, and sexual drive and arousal.

High amounts of adrenaline and other chemicals are released as the male mindbody switches into "fight or flight" mode. Why does this happen? Because the mindbody is experiencing so much stimulus and physiological activity at once, that it cannot adapt to it fast enough. In other words, the male mindbody goes into stress. Internet porn of this ilk creates a chain reaction in the male mindbody with hundreds of hormonal, chemical, emotional, physiological and biological processes all converging at once!

The male viewer is not only addicted to simple sexual arousal, but this arousal is linked to mindbody processes that would never be normally linked to the sexual process. Talk about addiction at a whole new level! This would be like a drug addict shooting up with a dozen different hard-core drugs all at once.

The Male Viewer Craves Variety
The mindbody is always seeking stimulation, a peak experience of some kind. Once a certain level of peak experience has been reached, the mindbody will naturally seek to then achieve a higher peak experience in that same frame of reference. Pornographers know that if they show the same images again and again, the male viewer will become bored and seek greater stimulation elsewhere. Thus, Internet pornography geared to the male audience is an ever-changing array of images, people, objects and scenarios providing links to associated websites containing increasingly depraved material. A viewer could literally stay on the Internet many hours each day and never see the same image twice!

Internet pornographers also know that as time goes by male porn addicts seek increasingly greater stimulation. Internet pornographers oblige by offering everything from the partially nude pin-up girl to the hardest, most perverse images. With Internet porn, nothing is considered out of bounds or taboo. It is all there at the push of a button from anywhere in the world.

As the male viewer's addiction appetite continues to heighten, the Internet pornographers are there with instant gratification, like drug lords waiting with the next "harder kicking" strain of crack cocaine.

Pornographers also know that not all males are "turned on" by the same images, so they strive to appeal to as many viewers as possible. They offer the male audience anything and everything including children, animals, objects, fetishes and settings-literally hundreds of thousands of different kinds of porn. What the male porn viewer's mind can conceive (and not possibly imagine), the Internet pornographers can achieve.

Make Sure That It All Ends in Masturbation and Orgasm
Internet pornographers want to make certain that virtually every male viewer ends his pornography session with masturbation and orgasm. Why? Think about it:

  • Orgasm is one of the most (many say the most) powerful peak experience the mindbody can experience. Any activity that gets linked in the mindbody to orgasm, will be adopted and become a habit of the most powerful and permanent kind. If you want to addict the male viewer to Internet porn at its highest level, then make it part of the habitual process leading to orgasm! Orgasm releases chemicals into the mindbody that permanently imprint whatever process was used to arrive at that end. If Internet porn was that process, guess where the male viewer returns again and again every time he desires sexual release?
  • The be-all and end-all culminating event of sexual activity for virtually all males is orgasm. The Internet pornographer's aim is to lead every male viewer to this end, thus reinforcing this already-present end goal. So what's the problem? Many male viewers begin to substitute the porn process leading to orgasm for normal, healthy human intimacy. Internet porn can greatly disturb, interfere with, or literally replace healthy sexual intimacy. Pornographers seek to make the porn process the dominant sexual activity in the male viewer's life.
  • The male Internet porn viewer can achieve orgasm quickly and effortlessly, any time of the day or night, and anywhere there is a computer. No need to waste time with affection, romance, foreplay; no worrying about creating the right atmosphere, whether it's a good time for a liaison, if she's "in the mood" or not, all the other annoyances and delays, or even if his partner is present or not. The females of Internet porn are always there, always ready, always eager for more. Literally hundreds of thousands of willing females whose sole purpose is to give the male viewer anything and everything he could possibly want or imagine. He doesn't have to take out the trash, do the dishes, or be polite for them to be sexually available. They just want him, on his terms, period.

Making Men Stupid!
Increasing numbers of professionals in our public education system are paying closer attention to the different "learning styles" of children. Slowly they are coming to the realization that, in many cases, male and female students learn differently. After our review of principal differences between the male and female brain, you can probably deduce what some of these learning styles might be. Educators are now adjusting teaching techniques and tools to more closely match the brain structure and learning style of their students, efforts that are paying dividends in the form of increasing the powers of intellect and reasoning in thousands of students across the country.

But with Internet pornography geared to the "base animal instinct" of the human male brain, men and boys strung out on Internet porn are not becoming smarter. Rather, the more time they spend with Internet porn, the more stupid they become. As one 12-year old young man told me, "Pornography makes you stupid."

Key Points

  1. Pornographers specifically target the male mindbody in the design and marketing of their materials. If they can't lure the male viewer in through one method, they have a dozen others uniquely geared to his physiology.
  2. Men and teens must be very careful not to be lulled into the complacency trap that says, "That stuff doesn't attract me at all-I can handle it with no problem." There are literally thousands of different varieties of porn on the Internet from all over the world. If such an individual engages in viewing Internet porn long enough, eventually he will encounter something that does push his button, triggers arousal, and has a high potential for addiction.

Mark B. Kastleman is the author of the revolutionary new book titled The Drug of the New Millenniumóthe Science of How Internet Pornography Radically Alters the Human Brain and BodyóA Guide for Parents, Spouses, Clergy and Counselors. Many leading scientists, psychologists, therapists and religious leaders consider this book to be one of the most important works ever written on this subject, and a must-read for parents, spouses, clergy and counselors.