What if I need to install Net Nanny on a replacement computer?

Net Nanny 6.5 • 8 February 2019

This article refers to an older version of this product.

If you need to install Net Nanny on a new computer and do not have available “seats” to install Net Nanny on multiple computers at once you must first remove Net Nanny from the old computer. After removing Net Nanny from your old computer go to https://www.netnanny.com and click the “Login” button at the top right part of the page. Leave the radio button set to “Manage My Account, Downloads, Renewals, Add Seats and Billing”. Enter the email address and password you established when you purchased Net Nanny and click “Log In”. This page will display your registration number and provide a link to download the Net Nanny software.

Select the option to “Reset previous installations”.

This will allow you to use your Net Nanny registration number to install the Net Nanny software on your new computer.

Note: If your old computer is no longer available simply skip the uninstall portion of this FAQ and go straight to “Reset previous installations”.