How can I always Allow or Block Specific Sites?

General • 16 July 2012

You can set a web page or an entire website to always be allowed or always be blocked. To make these settings login to the “Admin Tools” by double clicking the Net Nanny icon in the bottom right hand corner of your computer. After logging in click on Web Exceptions, then add any website you wish to always Allow or Block.

Note: Web Exceptions apply to all Net Nanny users.  If you would like to only apply Web Exceptions to a specific Net Nanny user this can be accomplished by entering the website or web page and instead of setting the page to “Allow” or “Block” instead “Re-categorize” the site to “Work Related” then choose to block or allow the “Work Related” category for the specific Net Nanny user.

Changing allowed or blocked categories can be done by selecting the User Account you want the sites “Blocked” or “Allowed” for.