How do I setup Net Nanny to automatically login when my computer starts?

General • 16 July 2012

Net Nanny provides 2 options to automatically login when your computer starts. Please read both descriptions and choose the option that best fits your needs.

AUTO CLIENT LOGIN: This option prompts the user of your computer to login to a Net Nanny account once for Internet Access. After logging in to the Net Nanny account the computer will permanently remember this user and will never prompt for the Net Nanny login again, even after the computer is restarted.

This feature is best used when the computer only requires 1 Net Nanny profile. This option is found under the Manage Profile Settings for each user.

AUTO WINDOWS LOGIN: This option gives the Net Nanny Admin the opportunity to match up the Net Nanny users to the Windows accounts on the protected computer. Once this is done Net Nanny no longer prompts for a password to login for Internet access. The Net Nanny user is logged in automatically and matched with the Windows account associated with that Net Nanny user.

This feature is best used when there are multiple Windows users on the computer and each need unique Net Nanny setting. The option is found under Manage Profile Settings for each user.