Can I use my child's existing phone with Net Nanny Mobile?

Net Nanny Mobile • 31 August 2010

This article refers to a product no longer developed by ContentWatch.

You can. However, the mobile phone must be a smart phone. Currently Net Nanny Mobile supports: Blackberry, Android, Symbian (on Nokia phones) and Windows Mobile operating systems. If you are not certain if your child is using a smart phone please contact your carrier or use your favorite search engine. Note: A data plan with your carrier is also required with a smart phone. In the future, Net Nanny Mobile will be launching Parental Controls on feature phones such as the Rant, Envy II, Motorola Razor, the Juke, and many other popular mobile devices.

If you are still uncertain if your child’s device is compatible, please contact Net Nanny at 1-801-508-3596 (US Toll Free at 1-800-485-4008) and we will confirm for you. Or visit Net Nanny System Requirements to see if your phone is on the list.