How do I block or allow specific web sites using Net Nanny for Mac?

Net Nanny 2 for Mac • 12 August 2008

This article refers to an older version of this product.

You have two different was to unlock a specific website:

  • 1st way - You want to unlock a blocked web site:
    1. When the Net Nanny blocked webpage is displayed in your browser, click on the "Allow this website" link.
    2. A dialog should appear. You can customize the unlocked address.
    3. Click on the unlock button, and enter your Net Nanny password or your Mac OS X administrator password when asked.
  • 2nd way - You want to lock or unlock a specific web site:
    1. Open Net Nanny, and select the appropriate user.
    2. Make sure the selected profile is "Customized".
    3. Click on Filters, then Web. Make sure Web Filtering is enabled (the checkbox next to Web should be checked).
    4. Look at the selected Mode.
    5. If the mode is "Filter Access By category":
    6. Display the exception list. In order to do so, click on the book icon, below the list of categories.
    7. Add a new exception in the list by clicking the + (plus) button.
    8. Type the appropriate URL. You do not have to type the "http://" prefix.
    9. Click on the "Stop" / "Go" icon in order to always block (Stop) or always allow (Go) this website.
    10. If the mode is "Restrict to specific websites":
    11. A list of allowed websites is displayed. You can add an allowed website by clicking on the + (plus) button. Then, you can edit the URL
    12. You can remove an allowed website by selecting it and clicking on the - (minus) button.

NOTE: For best results when adding a URL to the Blocked Sites list, or the Trusted Sites list, make sure to add the URL without the www. For example, if you are trying to block, type as URL.