What is new in Net Nanny 2.0?

Net Nanny 6.5 • 21 November 2008

This article refers to an older version of this product.

  • Ease of Use - Net Nanny has been re-designed to provide fast Internet filtering and for the specific needs of the home user. Net nanny can be used as configured right "out of the box" or can be customized for each family member. With our new password protected "enable/disable" feature, parents can maintain control over their Internet protection.
  • Peer-to-Peer - Net Nanny has provided a preventative solution for other applications including: BitTorrent, Kazaa, eMule/eDonkey, and Gnutella, which are commonly used to download Illegal music, software, and objectionable movies and images.
  • Popular Applications - Net Nanny gives parents the control to minimize the amount of time spent on popular Internet Games and other applications, and which games they feel are appropriate for their family members.
  • Performance and Compatibility - Net Nanny's re-designed filtering engine uses the latest algorithms and list technologies to optimize the users Internet browsing experience. In addition, our new engine has been designed to avoid compatibility issues with other third party applications (i.e. firewalls, spyware prevention tools, antivirus tools...).
  • Customized White List / Black List - To enhance performance Net Nanny includes a "White/Black" list option that allows administrators to "always permit access" or "always block access" to defined web sites.
  • Multi-Language Support - To increase Internet protection Net Nanny now filters Internet content in multiple languages. Our new interface is also available in Chinese with more language packs available shortly.