Blocking Images on Google

Net Nanny 5.1.x • 12 April 2006

This article refers to an older version of this product.

Net Nanny has a list of words and phrases that are restricted. When a restricted word is entered into a search engine, such as Google (images or websites), it will be masked out with # signs and the search won't go through. The list is customizable so you can add anything you would like. Go to your Net Nanny Settings => System Settings and click on the "Content Filtering" icon on the left. Then click on "show" to see the current list of words. Type in any words you want to add and click "add".

If you want to block out the Google image search entirely, you can add the following to your restricted list:**

Make sure to include the asterisks at the end.

You can also choose the option on Net Nanny to block out images. Go to Net Nanny settings => User Settings => Select the user you want => Go to the Blocking Options tab. Select the option to block all web images. Keep in mind that Net Nanny will not differentiate between good and bad pictures, and therefore, will block ALL web graphics if you choose this option.