Net Nanny filters other programs! How can I prevent this?

Net Nanny 5.1.x • 18 October 2004

This article refers to an older version of this product.

Generally, Net Nanny will attempt to filter most programs that access the Internet. In most cases, it will disregard the program if the information being sent across the Internet isn't applicable to websites or e-mail. However, this can still interfere with other programs that use the World Wide Web to communicate.

If you wish to assure that Net Nanny is NOT filtering an application, please open up the Net Nanny Settings by right-clicking your icon and selecting the Settings. Open the "System Settings" when you're inside the program, then select "Permitted Applications". Click the "browse" button.

Add ALL of the "executable", or .exe files, from the application's folder to the list. Usually the .exe files are included in the

Program Files>Application Name<

folder, however, this is not universal, so you may need to check with the program thats having difficulty to find where the files are located. However, adding all of the .exes that are easily found is a good start.