Pop-Up Scrubber isn't blocking pop-ups

Pop-up Scrubber • 12 April 2006

This article refers to a product no longer developed by ContentWatch.

First, click on the Pop-up Scrubber icon in the system tray and go to "Choose Options". Make sure the boxes next to "Start Program when my computer starts" and "By Window Title" and "By Window URL" are all checked.

Then go to your Internet Explorer => Tools menu => Internet Options. Click on "Delete cookies" and Delete files".

Next, you will need to remove all advertising and spyware from your machine. There is a free program you can download from www.download.com called Ad-Aware. Install and run this on your computer to delete any spyware.

Spyware is advertising that's installed against your knowledge on your computer and that affects which advertisements you see when you're online. It can also affect the speed of your Internet connection and cause websites to re-direct.

This should get rid of the pop ups that you are seeing.

If the pop-ups say "Messenger Service" at the top, please see http://www.netnanny.com/p/page?sb=techfaq&id=501000000000RFM for instructions.