Time Limits Don't Work - General

Net Nanny 5.1.x • 11 April 2006

This article refers to an older version of this product.

To make sure that the time limits work, you will first need to check your computer settings. Double-click on the clock on your desktop (bottom right corner). Make sure you have set the correct time and date. Then click on the "time zone" tab and make sure you have set the correct time zone.

Then go to the Net Nanny Settings => System Settings. Click on the "Time Tampering" icon on the left (you will have to scroll down to find it). Enable Time tampering detection and set your time zone there as well.

Then check the Time limit settings to make sure that they are set the way you want them. Make sure that the daily time limits correspond to the blocked time periods. For example, if you have blocked out 10 hours of the day, make sure the daily time limits are less than 14 hours a day.

If you find that the Time Limits can be bypassed by just ignoring the warning box, go to the Activity Consequences icon in Net Nanny Settings => System Settings. Select "Web Sites" from the list, and make sure that "Block Access" is selected.

Also, go to the Net Nanny Settings => User Settings => Manage Users. Delete the "Anybody" user account. Then create individual user accounts with passwords.

Finally, reboot your computer.