I can open my reports but no activity or logs are showing.

Net Nanny 6.5 • 21 November 2008

This article refers to an older version of this product.

We can log report activity remotely by right clicking on the Net Nanny icon in your system tray and left click 'remote tools'. Once logged into remote tools click 'Filter Settings' and click the check boxes for Allow Remote Viewing of Reports as well as Web Browsing and Instant Messaging. After making these changes right click on the Net Nanny icon again and left click 'Refresh Profiles' to sync these changes with our server.

You can then access your report activity remotely through our website http://manage.contentwatch.com You will need your administrator email address and administrator password to sign in. Once logged in click the 'reports' option at the top of the screen. Next to 'Report On' click the drop down arrow and select 'IM' then click 'refresh'. This will display the contents of your chat reports. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Also, you will need to make sure you're allowing active content to run on your computer when viewing local reports:

  • Click 'start' then 'control panel' double click 'Internet Options'
  • Click the 'advanced tab' then under 'security' check the boxes for 'allow active content to on my computer' and the box to allow active content to run from CD's'

This will enable flash applications to run and not compromise your computer's security.

Also make sure you have downloaded flash macromedia: