Does Net Nanny work on a network?

Net Nanny 5.1.x • 18 October 2004

This article refers to an older version of this product.

Yes, and no.

Net Nanny will filter any compatible browser that meets the system requirements and is compatible with Windows, regardless of whether the system is on a network.

If you wish to use Net Nanny to "limit" the use of a computer to a set of "intranet" or restricted sites, you can configure a list of websites that will be visible on Level 3 in Net Nanny and no other sites will be available.

If you wish to exclude certain programs on the network from filtering, add the .exes to the "Permitted Applications" list.

If there is any trouble updating the list of Restricted Sites, on the network, check your firewall. You'll need to open port 38652 UDP/TCP, both inbound and outbound. To test, try :

Start-> Run-> "cmd" or "command"


If its successful, you should be able to update.

Net Nanny requires all Windows & Internet Explorer files to be locally installed; they cannot be "pulled" from a downstream terminal services machine.

In addition, Net Nanny is not a proxy server, and although it can filter for the machine its installed on locally, it will not filter "downstream" clients for the network.

In a network enviroment, we sell "by seat license". For more on this, refer to for exact pricing, or check this website for additional information.