How to Install Net Nanny

Net Nanny 5.1.x • 12 April 2006

This article refers to an older version of this product.

Before you begin, it is a good idea to go to the Start Menu and do a Windows Update.

Next, turn off all programs on your computer, especially anti-virus software (these can corrupt Net Nanny during download and installation). Make sure you are logged on to the administrator account on your computer.

If you have the CD, insert it. It should start to run automatically. If it does not, double-click on the "my computer" icon and then on the CD-Rom Drive. Double-click the installation files.

If you are downloading Net Nanny, press the "run" or "open" button when the download box appears. This will start the installation process.

If you have already saved the download file, instead of opening it, locate the file you have downloaded (it may be in the folder C:WindowsTempNet NannyDisk1 or do a search on your computer for NN). Double-click this file to get the installation started.

Go through the Install Wizard that pops-up. After this, your computer will reboot. You will then see a "configure Net Nanny icon" on your desktop. Double-click on this to get the configuration started. After you go through the prompts, you will see a small Net Nanny icon in your system tray (bottom right corner of your desktop).

If Net Nanny asks for a name and key, enter the name and key issued to you on your order confirmation email to unlock the license. Make sure the time and date are set correctly on your computer before you enter the unlock name/key.

For a quick guide to customizing your settings, please see