Nothing happens when I try to access Ad-Free settings

8 February 2011

It sounds like your Ad-Free has become corrupt. You will need to uninstall and reinstall it.

If you cannot uninstall from the control panel => add/remove programs or from the Start Menu => Programs => Net Nanny's Ad-Free => Uninstall Ad-Free, please follow the manual uninstall instructions below:

Exit Ad-Free:
Restart the computer.
If the Ad-Free icon appears in the System Tray, right-click it and select Exit Ad-Free.
Run the Uninstaller:
From the Start Menu, select Run
Browse and select "AFConfig.exe" from C:Program FilesAd-Free (or wherever you installed Ad-Free)
Click Open
The "Run" dialog box will be presented with this in it: "C:Program FilesAd-FreeAFConfig.exe" (may be different if you installed Ad-Free elsewhere)
You need to add the word "UNINSTALL" at the end, so it will look like: "C:Program FilesAd-FreeAFConfig.exe" UNINSTALL
Click OK
The hour-glass will appear for a few seconds.
Check for proper uninstall:
Using Windows Explorer, browse to "ResetOutput.out" located in C:Program FilesAd-Free (or wherever you installed Ad-Free)
Double-click and open with Notepad
It should show:
Uninstallation of ESP was successful.

If not, repeat step 2 again.
Delete the following registry key entries:
From the Start Menu select Run
Type in "regedit" and click OK
Browse to and delete the following registry key entries:

"NNADFREE"=... ss delete this NNADFREE entry ONLY, there may be other entries, do not delete them

LOCALMACHINESoftwareBioNet Systems, LLCAd-Free

LOCALMACHINESoftwareBioNet Systems, LLCNet Nanny ESP

LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstall {A5A0DB89-7B25-4477-AD4E-80DEB82C8815}

Restart the computer.
Delete Ad-Free files: Delete the Ad-Free folder (C:Program FilesAd-Free)
Delete Ad-Free shortcuts on Start Menu
From the Start Menu select Programs
Right-click on "Net Nanny's Ad-Free" and select Delete
Delete InstallShield uninstall files:

Delete the following folder: C:Program FilesInstallShield Installation Information{A5A0DB89-7B25-4477-AD4E-80DEB82C8815}

If you are not able to see "InstallShield Installation Information", go to Folder Options in Control Panel, under the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders.

RESTART the Computer
IMPORTANT: After completing all the above steps, RESTART the computer.

When you reinstall Ad-Free, please make sure you are logged on to your computer's administrator account. Also, please make sure you have turned off all other programs, especially anti-virus and firewall software.

If you have the CD, use that to re-install.

If you purchased from our website (, you can re-download the software from You will need your order number and password or the last 5 digits of the credit card and the email address you used when you originally purchased the software. If you have any questions about your account, please email us directly at

If you originally received an unlock key or serial number, you will need to enter that name/key or serial number once you install the software to unlock it. You can find your unlock name/key, or serial number from

If you purchased a CD from a retail store, the serial number or unlock name/key are on the flap of the envelope that the CD came in.

If you purchased the software from a different web site, you will need to contact their customer service for another download.

When Ad-Free is finished installing, it will ask if you want to update it. Make sure to answer Yes. To update your Ad-Free lists, please see How do I update Ad-Free? for instructions.