How does Net Nanny work with Search Engines?

12 November 2004

There are a variety of approaches for how you configure Net Nanny to work with Search Engines. The default setting for Net Nanny 5.1 is to install a Net Nanny Safe Search toolbar in the browser, offer to change the home page to Net Nanny's family-safe search engine, and (by default) NOT block access to other search engines, other than image search engines.

We RECOMMEND, however, that you consider blocking other search engines in addition to these default settings. When a user goes to a search engine such as Google, Net Nanny is only able to filter a limited number of query terms and the pages that open when you click on a result. Because the result pages themselves (and very often the "cached" pages feature on engines like Google) have inappropriate content, it is much preferable to block access to these engines.

It is easy to add search engines to your "restricted" list:

  1. Open Net Nanny Settings
  2. Click "System Settings," then "Web Sites," then the "My List Restricted" tab
  3. Type the name of the search engine(s) you wish to block and click "add."

Some common search engines which you may want to block (and the format of the URLs to enter into the application) follow: