Can Net Nanny load onto just one account

12 April 2006

Net Nanny will automatically load on to each account in XP. There is no way to change that. Make sure to install it on the administrator account.

Net Nanny 5 will also automatically disable Fast User Switching in XP. This is necessary for Net Nanny to load up on each user account. The users will have to log off their accounts in order to log on to a different one. For more information on Fast User Switching, please see

What you can do is create a separate user on Net Nanny for the adults with no restrictions on it.

Right-click on the Net Nanny icon and go to "Net Nanny Settings". Enter your password when prompted. Go to User Settings => Manage Users => Add User tab. Select one of the available icons, and create a user name and password for it. Then click on "add". The icon will appear on the left. Click on it.

Set the blocking level to level 1 (no restrictions). Then go to the "Filtering" tab. Choose the option to "Disable filtering of objectionable words and phrases".

This way, the adults can just log on to this account when they want to use the Internet. Just remember to log off when you are finished.