Pop-Up Scrubber is blocking sites

12 April 2006

To fix this problem, you will need to allow certain items in the Pop-Up Scrubber log:

  1. Click on the Pop-up Scrubber icon
  2. Go to "View Log"
  3. Click on "Clear Log"
  4. Close Pop-up Scrubber
  5. Open your web browser and go to the website that is being blocked
  6. Make sure it is blocked.
  7. Click the Pop-up Scrubber icon again and go to "View Log".
  8. Look at all the entries. The ones with the red boxes beside them are the ones that are being blocked.
  9. Click on all the red boxes to turn them green
  10. Close Pop-up Scrubber and try the website again. It should work properly now.